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It should be MANDATORY that everyone reads this book Everyone There isn t anything too astounding about her writing style, and nothing too deep about it either Anyone could pick up this book and see clearly everything she s very clearly alluding to, so there isn t much mystery, but instead, a whole lot of straightforward honesty about an aspect of the world most overlook without even realizing.What Brokeback mountain failed miserably in doing, Ratcliffe did with ease This isn t some kinky, soft core porn, fantasy, lesbian sex thriller It isn t a sob story about rights denied gays either.It s just the tragic story of someone who is, but her state of being, by no fault or choice of her own, disallows her from the honor given to even the most degenerate people of society.It s just her story without bias, without the evil conspiracy of the homosexual agenda, without hope of guilting the readers into self loathing, or repentance of unfair treatment to diverse populations it just is.I wish my mum could would read this book not that she is like the extreme mother in this book just because it would be a way for her to see aspects of my heart that she would never be able to imagine a way to understand otherwise. I decided to read this book after hearing about in on Radio 4 s Woman s Hour In today s liberal, and inclusive society, it is hard to reflect on what must have been so heartbreaking and soul destroying for those not conforming to such harsh social norms and expectations of the early twentieth century My own heart truly ached for the main character, Stephen Gordon, whose pain of being different was evident throughout the book I so wanted her happiness to endure and for there to be a happy ending for her A must read for all An intriguing novel set in Vctorian times and about an upper class girl, Stephen, who does not conform to notions of gender or sexuality, preferring to dress and act like a boy and attracted to women from a young age Of course, given the times, this is met with judgement and rejection the older she gets.I thought it might be rather heavy but it s actually very easy to read, with some beautiful descriptions of her country home and the surrounding countryside From the beginning, you can really feel Stephen s frustration at feeling that she is different and doesn t quite belong, but not really understanding how or why As an adult, she struggles to reconcile society s attitude that she is as invert or unnatural, with her own beliefs and desires Even though in many ways times have changed, it s still a struggle that many LGBT people will be able to relate to today Stephen shows signs of depression from a young age and many LGBT people struggle with mental health conditions today.As the novel goes on, Stephen endures several personal tragedies, from relationship breakdown to the death of loved ones, and becomes increasingly isolated from society Stephen s feelings of loneliness, grief, heartbreak and desolation are universal and relatable no matter how you identify or what time period you live in But throughout this, there are moments of hope and wonder The section on ambulance driving during the war was short, but very interesting I was longing for Stephen to find happiness, in whatever form that might take.I ve read criticisms of the novel along the lines that it isn t that progressive as it refers to gay people as inverts and portrays Stephen as full of shame and guilt But this reflects the fact that it was both written and set in less tolerant times, when society still viewed homosexuality as something to be ashamed of No wonder that Stephen and possibly the author herself had internalised some of that The novel also seems to imply at the beginning that her parents desire for a male child, hence giving her a male name, caused Stephen s confusion about her gender, although later on it portrays gender and sexuality as innate So I wasn t quite sure where the author falls on the nature vs nurture debate.I liked the way that, towards the end, it gives an insight into the lives of other inverts who are not so privileged as Stephen While money can t buy happiness, Stephen s wealth did allow her to live an independent life and not have to marry, which might not be the case for a woman from a poorer background Barbara and Jamie provide a stark contract to Stephen and Mary a similar love story, but in very different circumstances, and with a different ending The book becomes political towards the end a call to arms for inverts to seek justice and their rightful place in society, but always with Stephen s story at its heart I didn t like the ending to Stephen s story, it felt unfinished and a bit pointless, but I suppose it was in keeping with the themes of loneliness and desolation at the heart of the novel I expected the novel to end with Stephen returning to Morton after her mother s death, with or without Mary, and once again finding contentment there I would have preferred that ending.The book is a bit overlong and could have been condensed, I think But I still enjoyed it, as I enjoy all tales of non conforming and eccentric women It was moving and absorbing, and can be read both as a historical novel and as a timeless quest for acceptance and belonging. I love this book so much that after listening to the audio book I had to buy a hard copy to read and mark my favourite pages.Some of the feelings that are captured in this book are so poignant and accurate, they really spoke to me Great lesbian fiction from nearly a century ago. An important read even if not a terribly well written book But I m glad I read it.Stream of consciousness, not my favourite style so this book was never going to wow me, however, have a go at reading it yourself Sad ending Relevant today for anyone who feels like an outsider. Written in 1928 it s key themes around gender, sexuality and love are as true today as ever they were.For anyone studying identity this is a wonderful portrayal of both the slow and painful birth of self awareness, and the sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful responses of those closest to us as they struggle to deal with their own feelings about it. Good value for money, the book is marvellous and the quality is adequate to the price This book made me glad of the age and country I live in Hall truly delivers the torment of the past, and of the present for some yet.Absolutely recommend Stephen Gordon named by a father desperate for a son is not like other girls she hunts, she fences, she reads books, wears trousers, and longs to cut her hair As she grows up amidst the stifling grandeur of Morton Hall, the locals begin to draw away from her, aware of some indefinable thing that sets her apart And when Stephen Gordon reaches maturity, she falls passionately in love with another woman