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After a mysterious mist envelops a small New England town, a group of locals trapped in a supermarket must battle a siege of otherworldly creatures and the fears that threaten to tear them apart

15 thoughts on “The Mist (Audio Download): Stephen King, uncredited, Hodder Headline Limited: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Clipper 314 Clipper 314 says:

    Good tale but felt a little short changed as the book is not very long and story is undeveloped for a stand alone novel in the usual SK style Would have fitted in a book of short stories which I understand it was originally Shame, as the potential for an epic seemed to be there just waiting to be drawn out, so given the price I was a bit diasppointed with the experience.

  2. lindy lindy says:

    Very happy

  3. Alisha Stevens Alisha Stevens says:

    Watched the movie and the TV show and recently finished the book As always there are slight differences between the book and the movie but I thought the book was amazing, delivery was on time Ending wasn t what I expected, great read 100% recommend

  4. Ann Ann says:


  5. lisa searl lisa searl says:

    Was not in as good a condition as it said

  6. veronica veronica says:

    Loved it, typical Stephen King suspense to the last page.

  7. Cujo Cujo says:

    Not just as captivating as the rest of Mr.king s work which I have read to date but I persevered and got to the end in one piece which is than can be said for some of the victims of The Mist

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Good story pity it s out of print so had to get used copy still in good condition

  9. sonia castiglioni sonia castiglioni says:

    un libro molto particolare..sin dall inizio non riesci ad immaginare come possa finire ed infatti.Nonostante quale sia la fine di questo libro che ad alcuni forse potr non piacere ma non posso certo dire perch ho apprezzato proprio la sua particolarit

  10. A Customer A Customer says:

    While The Mist is a quick read novella , I found the plot along with the cast of characters to be extremely well developed My only complaint is that King never developed this into a full length novel since I feel it would have been a great read.

  11. badebombe badebombe says:

    Die Geschichte ist fantastisch, man liest sie in einem Rutsch durch und kann nicht mehr aufh ren Wer allerdings den Film gesehen hat, kann sich das Buch sparen, denn die Storyline ist fast exakt identisch

  12. Stefanie Stone Stefanie Stone says:

    Christmas gift was loved

  13. K. K Slider K. K Slider says:

    This was a short but sweet read I could tell it was one of his earlier works by the style and plot The plot itself is predictable and sometimes random in regards to the overall construct of the storyline But the heart of this book really is getting inside the shoes of the protagonist and the atmosphere of the staging area of the book I found it enjoyable slipping into the worlld.But I did find the overall story lacking polish, as certain dialogue and characters are very bland and cliche In the end it was a good read, however far from spectacular and certainly not scary But for anyone wanting to sample some of King s works, this is a decent book to dip your feet into the water with.

  14. Tammy Hunt Tammy Hunt says:

    Excellent product

  15. Alexandre Deschênes Alexandre Deschênes says:

    Perfect condition