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From Dr Joe Parent, noted PGA Tour instructor and best selling author of Zen Golf Mastering the Mental Game, comes a new book of simple yet powerful techniques for success in golf s game within the game putting Confidence, as every golfer knows, is the key to peak performance on the greens Zen Putting Mastering the Mental Game builds your confidence through a thinking outside the box approach that helps golfers of all levels get out of their own way and roll the ball better than ever In chapters such as Already in the Hole , Stop the Bleeding , and Turn Knee knockers into Tap ins , you ll find the insights and methods that will help you take your putting to the next level, with consistency, less frustration, and lower scores Using his distinctive blend of sports psychology, Zen wisdom, and practical golf instruction, Dr Joe Parent shares the lessons and practice exercises that have dramatically improved the putting of PGA professionals and amateurs alike In clear, concise chapters, Zen Putting covers everything from warm up and practice programs to the ideal routine for setting up to and executing a putt You ll discover how to synchronize body and mind to make your smoothest stroke time after time and build your confidence round after round Zen Putting brings a fresh perspective to the art of putting, leading golfers to the effortless focus and confidence of being in the zone, the feeling that they can make every putt they look at It is a book all golfers will want to listen to again and again

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  1. Yaya Sesay Yaya Sesay says:


  2. mrs m moore mrs m moore says:

    First class read Would help any golfer no matter what their handicap was

  3. parenting-relationships.co Customer parenting-relationships.co Customer says:

    Good advice a lot of is repeated from the Zen Golf

  4. str38 str38 says:

    I just love this book also listening to it on my IPhone and his other books on golf too It is just a lot of good ideas about handling life in general ha ha Staying relaxed focused and happy And I have lovered my scores on the green So read it and use it in whatever you do during the day and your life will change too Have fun

  5. Herbert Wanger Herbert Wanger says:

    Great book

  6. Bruce Peltier Bruce Peltier says:

    This may be the all time best golf book ever written I ve read it carefully twice now, and will probably read it again this year Chapters are short and I read one each morning with my coffee Really smart, useful stuff It even helps me in my life outside of golf, which one has to live sometimes, right