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Dickens spins a good yarn this is a story full of sub plots and some interesting one dimensional characters What kept me hooked right to the end was the tension and how the characters and scenes came to life, I particularly enjoyed the comical vignettes, a nice touch to lighten the ominous moments.ASIN B002RI9IOM is edited and has an intro by Richard Maxwell This Penguin edition also includes Acknowledgements Introduction A Dickens Chronology A Timeline Further Reading A Note on the Text Appendix I On the Illustrations Appendix II Dedication and Preface to First Volume Edition Appendix III Dickens and His Sources Appendix IV Running Titles Added in 1867 8 and Notes.I enjoyed reading this on kindle, a click took me to footnotes, the search facility came in handy and I could enlarge the wonderful illustrations by Phiz. Exclusively from Audible It was the best of times, it was the worst of times so the recording begins and ends with some of Dickens best known words, and between those lines is every Briton s view of the worst excesses of the French Revolution Set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution, the audiobook tells the story of a French doctor who is imprisoned foryears in the Bastille in Paris Upon his release, he moves to London with his daughter, Lucie, whom he had never met She marries but there is conflict between her husband and the people who decades earlier caused her father s imprisonment Set against the backdrop of the conditions that led up to the French Revolution, it depicts the plight of the French peasantry demoralised by the French aristocracy and the brutality demonstrated by the revolutionaries during the Reign of Terror, towards the former aristocrats Dickens was one of eight children from a very poor family, with his father eventually being sent to debtor s prison Dickens began work at the age ofto help clear the family debt It was this troublesome childhood that provided him with much of the material for his novels and lent him a sympathetic voice for the poor Narrator BiographyMartin Jarvis is one of Britain s most admired actors His audiobook output is legendary He is described in Vanity Fair as the Olivier of audiobooks and genius of the Spoken Word in the LA Times Award winning recordings range from titles by Charles Dickens, PG Wodehouse and Michael Frayn to thrillers by Jeffrey Archer, Wilbur Smith, Ian Fleming and Dick Francis He has starred in many acclaimed West End and National Theatre productions and received the Theatre World Award as Jeeves on Broadway Numerous UK television appearances encompass Law Order, Doctor Who, Endeavour, Inspector Morse and The Forsyte Saga In America Murder She Wrote, Numbrs, Cosmos and Walker, Texas Ranger Films include Titanic, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Wreck It Ralph Videogames Alfred in Batman, Finn McMissile in Cars Martin was awarded the Order of the British Empire OBE I have nothing against American accents, I just wasn t expecting the narrator of this Dickens novel to have such a stong accent I should have listened to the audio clip first Apologies to US readers, no offence meant, I just would have preferred a UK accent. The type in this A Tale Of Two Cities large print A story of the French Revolution is larger than usual, but it s not sufficiently large for elderly eyes and there is no additional or helpful spacing to aid reading It s as though they ve taken the text file and dumped it onto the pages without any thought to setting or layout.This has undermined my faith in choosing other large print books on.I also realise that this will probably appear as a two star review for Dickens A Tale of Two Cities There ought to be a way to review the edition, not the content. Yes, I recently downloaded this for later reading to refresh my mind I read this at school in the mid 60 s It s a marvellous book which brings a tear to my eye even now when I watch the films I have only read it once, but even to this day, I still remember almost word for word the first opening sentence and the last one too How could one forget Very few books do that I would recommend everyone to read this Well, it is Dickens I didn t get very far with this I love Dickens and was keen to hear this one read to me the best way to experience his work, since he wrote them to be read aloud in coffee houses and on his performing tours The narration on this was truly monotonous though The voice droned on as if the narrator was bored of speaking at all, and even bored with the story I have bought another one, with better narration. This is up there on my list of all time great books Exciting plot, tremendous characterisations, evocative descriptions Wonderful closing Wise analysis of how France would recover from the excesses of excesses of the aristocrats and the over zealous revolutionaries Some brilliant snippets of humour And it brings tears to the eyes Made all the superlative by a sublime reading in Martin Jarvis s audio version. There is less humour or indeed satire in this book than in many of Dickens works but instead a deep well of anger at the depths to which humanity can sink However, the master storyteller constructs a redemptive ending that restores some faith in common humanity One shoild remember that this book was written in the early 19th century and yet the events described have happened in many times and many places since, and cruelly. I ve been a fan of Fingerprint Publishers ever since I bought my first book Moby Dick a few months ago I m not gonna bother writing about the book as it s a well known classic This is about the quality of book The font size is optimum and the pages are considerably thick The quality is on par and I think better than any other publishers and the cost of the book makes it my most sought after publishing house when looking to buy classics Well, this and Maple Press are the best. I am not bothering to write abiut the literature It is very well known A lot of PhD thesis had been done on this book.This review is about the product.The book is low priced The pages are of low quality and very thin The text size is very small There are detailed notes on every section of the book which makes it easier for people to read this book who are not English Literature majors Reading this book demands a good command on English Read an abridged version if you are not sure I read this book than once Bought this book just to add to my collection It seems that I have wasted my money To read this book, go for a legally free PDF or Kindle version To collect, buy a hardback priced higher The delivered book is of low quality The pages on outside have a black spot The spine have a torn out cracked cover shown in picture.A real disappointment.