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To you, perceptive reader, I bequeath my historyLate one night, exploring her father s library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache of yellowing letters The letters are all addressed to My dear and unfortunate successor, and they plunge her into a world she never dreamed of a labyrinth where the secrets of her father s past and her mother s mysterious fate connect to an inconceivable evil hidden in the depths of history The letters provide links to one of the darkest powers that humanity has ever known and to a centuries long quest to find the source of that darkness and wipe it out

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  1. Ken Mooney Ken Mooney says:

    I truly wanted to adore this book, and came so close to it in many ways it is a book that is at once beautiful and frustrating, and the balance between the two merely adds to the levels of both.Befitting the title, the book is told through conversation, initially between a father and his daughter, before there develops stories within stories, histories within histories, characters within characters Such storytelling is initially beautiful, albeit a bit frustrating However, by the time I reached the halfway point of the book, I d started to find this form of narrative frustrating, repetitive and a little boring, wanting the book to get to a grand vampiric denouement, a closure that it never reaches It is somewhat appropriate that the book focuses on history itself rather than grandiose action, but I have loved just a touch action and less conversation about conversations.Somewhere in my heart, I love a good vampire story, and the beginning of The Historian promised to do just that However, the book forgets about the vampire at its heart regularly, leaving those conversations within conversations within conversations By the time the book reaches for a grand finale, the action of this beat feels rushed, nearly confusing with the way in which it races though its vampire mythology so it can reach its emotional, and somewhat plebian ending.I would have adored this book at about half the length, or with some blood and guts and less history despite the name In many ways, the book is closer to three stars than four, but I m taking my own preferences and expectations away to allow a higher rating After all, the book is not called The Vampire.

  2. M. A. Topping M. A. Topping says:

    I have read this book a few times now and I love it each time It travels across time, through many settings in Europe and even America, via libraries, universities and monasteries It s brilliantly researched There is something for everyone, with two love stories, a range of different speakers, via letters and alternate narratives It s part detective, part crime, part fantasy and it s a real page turner as well Best vampire book I have ever read.

  3. Soilman Soilman says:

    I really liked this book Must have read it twice But for all that, I couldn t in all conscience give it than 3 stars.First, the bad As others have remarked, it s too long it needed a ruthless editor Although the pacing of the first half is terrific, it falls off thereafter The epistolary format intended obviously to mimic and pay tribute to Stoker s Dracula doesn t quite work all the time one occasionally loses track of who is writing to for about whom, and the reader feels the artifice of the construction The denouement is too sudden, and too short after such a long build up, it seems almost trite and perfunctory Plus there are some booming and preposterous coincidences in the story one in particular that make suspension of disbelief all but impossible Lovers of the vampire canon will also feel the want of horror scenes the story is largely bloodless, contrary to the norms of the genre.That said, the writing is very good, the research behind it is vast and intricate, the beauty of the backgrounds and the place descriptions remarkable It s also damn creepy most of the time in a good way and despite all the flaws noted above it s a great page turner An honourable tribute to the Stoker original, and an enjoyable read if ultimately a tad disappointing.

  4. H. Callaghan H. Callaghan says:

    spoiler alert Gigantic spoilers included I felt ultimately torn about this book after a slow but atmospheric beginning, I was awake late into the night finishing this wonderfully creepy and erudite story The Historian in the title could describe numerous of the characters in the novel, or indeed its largely hidden villain The multi layered plot follows the lives of three people Paul the diplomat, his daughter who is never named , and Paul s former teacher, Professor Rossi Each of them is hunting a missing parent mentor who accidentally discovers, upon receipt of a mysterious book, that Dracula is not only still alive ish , but is still fascinated with evil and cruelty, and still taking an active interest in those pursuing him The wonderful conceit is that the wicked Count has a fantastic personal library dedicated to evil, and is looking for someone to willingly volunteer to become immortal and curate it for him.In the end I gave it four stars because even though it is quite slow in the first half, pages are spent describing exotic locations around France and central Europe with the regularity of a travelogue, all beautifully written but not necessarily advancing the story it creates a rather wonderful and lush atmosphere that bears fruit later This pattern of faults and virtues continues throughout the conception of Dracula, when we meet him, is wonderfully realised and chilling, but he is dispatched too readily, and the happy isn ending is enabled by the sacrifice of a throwaway character I thought at least one of the remaining main characters needed to make the terrible choice be sacrificed to the library, and this is where everything tends, and the drama would be in choosing which Plotwise it s also highly coincidental, but since this is true of Stoker s Dracula too it seems churlish to carp The evidence that the disparate heroes gather and which fuels their trail is complex, some bits repeated to the point of obviousness, others hidden names and places and connections would come up as though they had been explained earlier , and yet on the other hand the forward momentum in the last third is irresistable and unstoppable, leading to unbearable tension.So all in all, not an instantly rewarding read but I was very glad I did it, though my disappointment at the tidy disposal of the invidious Impaler at the end especially as he was so beautifully realised somewhat hampered my enjoyment.

  5. ElskeMelske ElskeMelske says:

    Usually the settings of a book aren t the most memorable part, but this journey through Europe and history blew me away the book was engrossing and well written, and a refreshing vampire story in that the vampire is actually the villain much in the flavour of Dracula than Twilight I ve already recommended it to several book ish friends.

  6. Smitha Smitha says:

    The story is awesome Full 5 stars in Good reads, but this particular copy had tiny fonts, crowded together and had to give up the paperback in faborrowed of ebook.I would wish publishers give information as regarding to the font size in online shopping sites as one can t always check and buy books due to the increasing trend of online shopping.I have requested repeatedly with this regard, but I am.told that there is no good way to incorporate the font information as of now.

  7. Andre Farant Andre Farant says:

    When I tell people about Elizabeth Kostova s The Historian, they usually give me a sceptical look, sometimes accompanied by a roll of the eyes or even a sneer It isn t entirely surprising The Historian is about a young woman searching for her father and uncovering the true history of Dracula So, yes, it s a vampire book and, given the popularity of such franchises as True Blood and the Twilight series, it s understandable that some people might be feeling a tad vampired out But trust me when I say that this is not a reason to skip Kostova s take on the mythos.Part mystery, part romance and part horror, The Historian is aimed squarely at an adult and literate audience Kostova has crafted a layered story or, in fact, a series of connected, overlapping stories We follow a young woman as she searches for her, using a series of letters he has left behind to guide her Within her father s tale, we learn of Professor Rossi and his obsession with uncovering the truth behind the historical Dracula, Vlad Tepes The story develops patiently, with bursts of sudden action, building tension as each clue, each bit of Rossi s, the father s and the girl s respective but connected stories are uncovered The prose is elegant, beautiful and readable The ending is satisfying, if a little rushed, a little sudden.A word about description The story takes the girl on a train trip through Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania, and Kostova ensures that we feel as though we are along for the ride After having read The Historian, I wanted than anything to take such a trip myself I ve yet to do it but, when I do, I might take it as a chance to reread this wonderful novel, watching the scenery unfurl both outside the train window and on the page .

  8. Pat Joubert Pat Joubert says:

    A very slow start, one has to be very patient, nothing really happens before the first 150 pages, but then, the action starts and doesn t let go Not exactly a thriller, but a good read that takes it s time and is full of twists and surprises Quite literary for those who appreciate a fine plume And of course, every Dracula fans should take the time to read.

  9. Iñaki Zugasti Iñaki Zugasti says:

    Impresionante, serio y bien basado en la historia para asentar una ficci n muy conocida pero poco comprendida, la del Vlad.Se puede seguir muy bien en la geograf a y es mucho m s serio, desde ste punto, que la anglosajonada del Dr cula de Stoker.Sirve para organizar un bonito viaje yo lo hice por los sitios indicados iglesias rutas y castillos y puede servir de referencia para realizar una t sis sobre Vlad, reconociendo la situaci n social y pol tica de la poca que le toc vivir Transilvania peleando contra anexionismos turcos y austr acos.Mantiene las importantes dosis de misterio correspondientes a una novela del tema de muertos vivos.

  10. ForseCheSi ForseCheSi says:

    War angenehme Ferienlekt re Aber f r mich weit weg von den Irritationen die die Klassiker des 19 Jahrhunderts vermitteln.Und mit Weisen wie professionell historische Recherche und Reflektion betrieben werden hat s eher wenig zu tun.Titel t uscht.


    Product arrived in good condition.I had borrowed it before to read.This purchase was just for my collection to keep.

  12. arka c. arka c. says:

    How could someone be so pretentious Dracula comes back from the dead to set up a library That s how you pay a homage to perhaps the greatest gothic horror novel ever written and I m surprised by the fact that such superficial intellectualism sells..

  13. Jeannie Jeannie says:

    I got a pre loved book So my experience with the product was really hampered.