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Berebury golf course in the county of Calleshire is an unlikely place for a murder Set in pleasant landscape and boasting a splendid view of the town of Berebury, the golf course is situated to fun and games than murder and mayhem So when flirtatious golfing beginner Helen Ewell goes in search of a wayward golf ball in the dreaded Hell s Bells bunker she is not prepared for the horrible surprise that lies buried beneath the soft sand

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  1. Damaskcat Damaskcat says:

    A body is found buried in a bunker at the Berebury golf club Sloan and Crosby are sent to investigate only to find their superior Superintendent Leeyes there as he is a member of the club and was about to play a round.At first the investigation is hampered both by Leeyes presence and by the corpse being unrecognisable Once they identify the body the investigation picks up speed This is a well plotted crime story with some interesting characters and amusing dialogue.If you like less violent crime stories then this book and this series may be the one for you The books can be read in any order.

  2. Rosemary Horner Rosemary Horner says:

    I prefer my crime on the cosy side but still enjoy a well written story, I find Catherine Aird fulfils my needs perfectly and this one does not disappoint.

  3. j.Wiggin j.Wiggin says:

    very enjoyable

  4. Andy Capp Andy Capp says:

    This is the first book by Catherine Aird I have ever read I enjoyed it and as I read I could imagine the Golf Course and the poor unfortunate victim in the Bunker When I read Crime Novels I tend to form a picture of what the Detectives look like However in Sloan and Crosby s case I was unable to do this Having said that though I imagine that Crosby has a lot to learn but I think that Sloan will get him to his way of thinking.I would have liked to have seen of Polly Perkins the police woman in the story as when I read about her in the book I imagine a lively sort of person.Congratulations to Catherine Aird for a good story and also congratulations to Allison and Busby for a nice presentable cover, before the reader opens the book it sets the scene.As I said this is the first book I have read by Catherine so in the future I will be on the look out for .

  5. Adrian Dungey Adrian Dungey says:

    A fantastic new novel from Catherine with a new publisher to boot Well worth the wait A definite thumbs up.

  6. Linda Jarrett Linda Jarrett says:

    Catherine Aird always pleases.

  7. Paula Clifford Paula Clifford says:

    While this is still an enjoyable read it s just not on the level of her earlier works One problem is the characters haven t changed at all Crosby has been assisting Sloan for over forty years of books but is still written as an inept rookie I know series detectives age slower than the rest of us, but Aird needs to either set the stories in a restricted time frame or let poor Crosby grow up a bit The rest of the characters aren t as memorable as past ones.

  8. J. Lesley J. Lesley says:

    Catherine Aird has been one of the authors I typically turn to whenever I am in the mood for a good cozy mystery I have just recently read this book even though it was published in 2005 I have to admit to being disappointed Partially this is my own fault I read one of her first novels The Stately Home Murder published in 1969 under the title The Complete Steel just one day previous to starting this book The contrast was unavoidable All of the usual cast of characters is present, Detective Inspector C D Sloan, Detective Constable Crosby, Police Superintendent Leeyes, Pathologist Dr Dabbe and all the other crime scene technicians No time seems to have elapsed from the book written in 1969 to the one written in 2005 It was slightly jarring for me because I read two of the books so close together This phenomenon of the non passage of time is, however, the way all of Aird s books are written.The story is that two women golfers are playing a round at a private golf course One of the women is unfortunate enough to hit her ball into a bunker sand trap which is notorious for being difficult to get out of While hitting her ball several times she is still in the trap but uncovers a human skull Sloan and his investigative unit must uncover an unintended pun the identity of the victim and why he was placed in that exact spot It certainly doesn t help matters any to know that Superintendent Leeyes is a member of the club and is in the running for nomination to the clubs governing board He wants the mystery solved and solved quickly and quietly.It is my own personal opinion that this book qualifies as a short story or novella, not a full length novel It only took me a very slow reader four hours to read it from cover to cover That is not a good sign for me The actual story begins on page 15 of a 202 page novel The print is rather large and there are 27 completely blank pages within the story plus many other blank half pages at the end of chapters They actually count the blank pages to add up to the 202 total That is way, way too much white space for me This means that all of this blank space was included so that the book would appear longer It was something which irritated me.The story is totally centered around the game of golf I don t play golf but I do enjoy watching the game on television, going to tournaments, and listening to my husband tell me about his latest round This book was golf overkill If you don t know anything about the game, you will be confused and probably bored to tears And I watch lots of British golf tournaments also They don t refer to the golf clubs in these old fashioned terms any It just made the book seem terribly dated Too much detail about golf, not enough mystery and character development.I gave the book two stars simply because I have been reading and enjoying Catherine Aird s work for so long There wasn t enough depth here I think it should have been a short story Sorry but that s how I feel.

  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Clues on the golf course If golf is to your liking and so are mysteries, you might like it But Catherine Aird has numerous books better than this one It was hard to get into and hard to care about I think because it takes so long for Inspector CD Sloan to get into the picture The relationship between Sloan and Superintendent Leeyes is mildly amusing The mystery has a few twists and turns and redflags For that, it was worth the read.

  10. Jody Jody says:

    Catherine Aird is always reliable Although this book doesn t have the tension of some of her stories, still a good read.

  11. Richard T Richard T says:

    good book