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On February th Ellen MacArthur sailed into port in France, completing the Vendee Globe, the world s toughest race Alone and unsupported, she had spent than three months at sea and had coped with storms, exhaustion, rigging failures, and a catastrophic collision with a submerged object But Ellen never gave up and, at the age of , she became the first woman to circumnavigate the globe This is Ellen s story, from her childhood in land locked Derbyshire, to that historic race Ellen is such an inspiration everyone should read this book I cannot believe how so young she managed such then vendee around the globe. I remember seeing Ellen on TV after the Vend e, thinking how brave of her, but these boats sail themselves nowadays This book has opened my eyes to the unbelievable achievement of someone so young, in a boat with an uncompromising race design, not only staying the course but very nearly winning I lost count of her terrifying ascents of the 90 mast, and felt every bump and scrape as she blasted solo and non stop around the world in 3 months For anyone interested in competitive sailing this is an absolute must read. Everything Ellen turns her hand to is done thoroughly Her personal story of her life and successes are no different Superb read, Ellen seems to develop her writing as the book progresses Well done Ellen, you are a legend A brilliant book, thoughtfully written and the passion to succeed shines through I don t sail, never have done and have no particular interest in it But underlying MacArthur s book about sailing is adventure writing great for sofa thrillseekers For that reason and knowing that I would never experience what Ms MacArthur has I wanted to step away from my comfort zone and read this I practically had sea sickness just reading some parts of it and the photos are usefully complement the words, reflecting the raw, gripping nature of competitive sailing or the majestic sailing idyl or the strong family influence which it seems carried her through some very tough times.