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OnOctober , the members of a top Uruguayan rugby team were flying over the Andes to play in Chile Their plane crashed into a mountain and was stranded , feet up on an inhospitable glacier Many died instantly in the crash, including the person sitting next to Nando, but others survived They had almost no food or suitable equipment to withstand temperatures as low as C, and had to eat the bodies of their dead team mates to survive With the prospect only of a slow death, and no rescue likely, Nando and one of his friends set off on an impossible journey, walking and climbing for ten days in search of help Finally, afterdays, thesurvivors were brought to safety

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  1. Vicuña Vicuña says:

    I m familiar with the story of the plane crash in the Andes involving a young rugby team from Uruguay on their way to a match in Chile I ve seen a feature film and a documentary about events Both were challenging to watch, but I had no idea about the real extent of this tragedy.The author was a survivor and after some years, he s written this considered, well balanced although often harrowing account of the crash and its aftermath There s barely a spare word in a narrative which details deprivation and endurance beyond understanding Ingenuity, resourcefulness, courage and occasional divine intervention, both good and bad, all played a part in the aftermath of the crash This is one of the most profoundly moving books I ve ever read Nando Parrado writes with warmth and understanding about his friends and team mates He writes with insight, compassion and self awareness which brings these mainly young men vividly to life That anyone survived the actual crash may be considered a miracle, but to follow the story of the next weeks as a group of survivors struggle to live is a really emotional ride It s impossible to imagine being stranded thousands of feet up in the Andes, wearing light summer clothing, without food or heat and no experience of snow which was waist deep Their physical strength depleted through starvation and dehydration, to say nothing of the injuries sustained during the crash, they had to draw on every ounce of mental and spiritual strength in order to survive.The writing is always measured, which makes it all the powerful and it s a very thought provoking account which leaves the reader reflecting on a number of moral issues It certainly puts every day to day gripe about some misfortune or other into perspective It s a book I d recommend to everyone.

  2. JR JR says:

    After having read Alive many years ago by Piers Paul Read, I wanted to read this latest book by Nando Parrado I thought the book was very slow to start with although it did get interesting as the story unfolded It was fascinating to find out the inner thoughts and feelings of Nando and the incrediable effort he made to survive I actually remember this story unfolding in the news at the time in the 1970s and I have always admired all the young people who were on that fateful flight Not only the ones who survived but the brave people who did not make it back to their loved ones I did joy this book although I would recommend reading Alive by Piers Paul Read.

  3. Fortysomething Fortysomething says:

    I enjoyed reading this book Having only heard about the story in broad terms before, I found it interesting to find out the detail told through the eyes of one of the survivors The writing feels clunky and a bit unskilful in places, but I felt it was written with honesty and feeling I was also grateful the author did not slide into any predictable life positivity preaching, which is often the danger with survival stories I would probably enjoy re reading this, it s on my keep list.

  4. Jon Lee Jon Lee says:

    I looked at the reviews for this book and was shocked that there could possibly be a 2 review Obviously they are entitled to their opinion..However in my opinion that is extremely harsh What I didn t understand is that it is clearly a version of events written by Nando himself, so of course it s going to be different o the version of Alive, which I have not yet read I am waiting for the kindle version.It is still a brilliant story a true story, that hopefully none of us will ever have to endure I happen to think that the brief description of those aboard is actually very clever, some of these people simply did not survive for very long, so why go into detail about them when they are simply not going to be in the book This is not an obituary..I m sure Nando harbours great feelings to those aboard, but it does not mean he has to explain all of their lives in character development.The story is gripping, extremely well written, upsetting in parts, simply amazing in others.I say well done to Nando and people should buy and read this book.

  5. Gareth Petty Gareth Petty says:

    I had read this book previously on my Kindle but it was so good and moving that I decided to buy a hard copy as well This is a must read book for anyone that knows the story and for those who don t Nando Parrado is a giant of a man and a true hero.

  6. Fay88 Fay88 says:

    What a fantastic book Such an amazing story, beautifully told by Nando, one of the survivors I have always been fascinated with what happened on the mountain, after seeing the film Survive in the 70 s, based on this, and then reading Alive and seeing that film in the 90 s but to read this from a survivor s perspective is incredible A story of survival and sheer courage It s up there with my favourite all time books Highly recommended