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Wives and DaughtersThis review is strictly for the Penguin Red Classic publication of Wives and Daughters and not a critique of the novel.Since I am ignorant of archaic and locally used words, expressions, and references used in the mid 1800s, I need explanatory notes when reading novels of those years Example scomfished, never read the Three Bears, consequences to health of uncontrolled feeling.I can t put a light on any of these expressions Therefore, I should have purchased the Penguin Classic edition which has pages upon pages of explanatory notes It also has an introduction which, at times, can be helpful, but not always.I find it odd that Penguin Books didn t issue the Red Classic novel with notes This would have been sensible.My two star review is for the missing notes in the Penguin Red Classic The quality of the paperback is good and the size of the font is very good. If you enjoy delineation of character, a good story,the heroic brought down to earth then this is a wonderful story Mrs Gaskell is a genius at portraying drama and a portraying the normal everyday thought and life of men and women There is a lot to be enjoyed in what is now a historical setting and the interesting set of characters used to play out a story which is by turns full of pathos, beauty and the humdrum. Having read Mary Barton and North and South I was quite prepared to enjoy Wives and Daughters, as Mrs G was clearly a gifted writer But I did not expect to find possibly one of the very best English novels of the 18th century And comparison with Austen, Collins, CD, Conrad and others is not excessive praise The novel deals with a world similar to Austens with the same wit and sharp observation, and the authors humanity and tolerance shine through, so and with humour than, for example, in George Eliot A delightful read, and although Victorian morality and ideas are certainly presented Mrs G has quite a modern opinion of them This was so much better than anticipated, both for the clear picture given of life in the 1840s or so, and utterly involving in the fates of her characters, as they are well depicted I got so anxious about their welfare, I had to peek at the last page.Another thing I loved was the author s psychological sensitivity and freedom from judgments her characters are far from perfect but she indicates this with such a brief event or conversation rather than long moralising paragraphs and she also describes previous experiences of theirs so that the reader understands from what perspective they now see the world and make decisions.Have I missed the film or tv series made from it I d have thought it would be a terrific success if they could keep their hands off too much focus on costume, stop lingering on the pretty female faces forever, and the usual faults I find with tv Interesting that the great dilemma faced by one of the major characters was blamed by society on the young woman herself, and not on the older man involved, other than that people just didn t like him for other aspects of his behaviour today we would call what he had done much earlier, grooming.A plea to the makers of Kindle every time there was a Mr or Mrs., a new paragraph ocurred, presumably because of the There were other errors too which should not have happened an e was occasionally replaced by a c, so that someone sat on a scat Who is asked to do this Can t be English speaking but what a task for any poor creature who isn t.And once again, no list of chapters with descriptions of what occurs, at the beginning, so that once finished, the reader could return to any text easily Please do this Wives and Daughters tells the everyday story of a small community with its poor farmers, middle class and rich nobility It was just as lively and well written as Emma by Jane Austen, so if you liked the latter you will enjoy this one too Further, the characterization of the cast and the dialogues between them were fantastic The story has an open end which could be ungratifying for some, yet for me it wasn t I cannot understand why Wives and Daughters has not become a classic because in my eyes it deserves to be one With this novel Gaskell has proven to be as talented a writer as Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, maybe even a better one. Her new step mom Hyacinth shreds her with well chosen, cutting words, rubbing salt in her wounds Her hero, Roger Hamley falls in love with her step sister Cynthia Kirkpatrick who uses her little arts and wiles She takes advantage of Molly but Molly is too nice to get back at Cynthia any other way Meanwhile, her busy doctor father wonders why can t a man who works hard all day have a little rest when he comes home Sul romanzo non scriver nulla, di solito mi astengo dal commentare classici sui quali un commento di un profano niente aggiungerebbe o sottrarrebbe Sull edizione, invece, non posso che segnalare i piccoli, ma sopportabili, difetti tipici delle pubblicazioni molto economiche caratteri tipografici minuscoli e materiali di bassa qualit in particolare, dalla copertina si rimosso lo strato superiore semi trasparente che riveste e impermeabilizza il cartoncino Tra le caratteristiche positive, segnalo un discreto apparato di indispensabili note e una breve ma completa introduzione da parte della curatrice dell opera. and why does it have a slimy film on the back cover The book appears to be brand new EXCEPT it smells really, really bad Like perfume or hand lotion or something It s sitting right beside me and it stinks The back cover has a film of some kind on it SO I m not impressed with the condition of a book I purchased as new Did someone in shipping plop it down on a desk that had something on it, before placing it in the shipping envelope Elizabeth Gaskell s final and not quite finished novel Wives and Daughters is set during the mid nineteenth century in the village of Hollingford in the Midlands, and focuses on the motherless Molly, who enjoys a close relationship with her gruff, but loving father, Doctor Gibson When Molly is away staying with a friend of her father s, Squire Hamley and his delicate invalid wife both of whom become very fond of the very biddable and pretty Molly Doctor Gibson makes the decision to remarry, thinking his daughter needs the influence of woman in her life Enter ex governess and widow Mrs Kirkpatrick, an attractive, but rather snobbish and self centred woman, whose presence Molly initially finds difficult to accept However, despite her stepmother s faults and her insensitivity to the finer feelings of those around her, the new Mrs Gibson is not unkind to Molly, and when Mrs Gibson s daughter, Cynthia, arrives home from school, Molly and her stepsister, who are of a similar age, become very close to one another a relationship which than makes up for the lack of true empathy between Molly and her stepmother The lovely Cynthia, however, is hiding a secret, and soon the loyal and loving Molly becomes caught up in Cynthia s web of duplicity and dissimulation a situation that potentially could result in Molly losing her reputation, but to say might spoil the novel for those who have yet to read it, so I will leave the remainder of the story and there is a lot than I have revealed in this review for prospective readers to discover for themselves.First published in the 1860s and, as previously commented, not quite but almost finished, this is a very engaging story which follows the journey of two young girls towards womanhood under the watchful eye of the inhabitants of Hollingford and, as it does so, looks at the role of women in Victorian England and besides I first read this novel many years ago and have been meaning to reread it for some time however with so many unread books on my bookshelves, I find it difficult to justify the time spent on revisiting books The solution presented itself in the form of listening to the Audible audio download version, and for this rereading I decided to opt for the abridged version, very ably narrated by Patience Tomlinson whose wide variety of voices used for the various characters was really rather impressive I have to confess that I used to be a little disparaging about abridged versions of novels, feeling that if a book is worth reading then it s worth reading in its entirety however, I ve now revised my opinion of audio abridgements providing they are not too heavily abridged as I do feel there is a place for them, especially for revisiting books It is true that if you want the whole experience of the novel and all of the additional little subplots, then you really need to listen to or read the full length version and, having read the unabridged novel I can certainly say it is worth the time spent on it but if, like me, you have read this novel before and just want to revisit it, or if you really haven t the time at the moment to embark on a novel with seven hundred or so pages, then this abridged audio version, which gives a real flavour of this very enjoyable story, is a good one to opt for.5 Stars. Exclusively from Audible Molly Gibson, the only daughter of a widowed doctor in the small provincial town of Hollingford, lost her mother when she was a child Her father remarries wanting to give Molly the woman s presence he feels she lacks To Molly, any stepmother would have been a shock, but the new Mrs Gibson is a self absorbed, petty widow, and Molly s unhappiness is compounded by the realisation that her father has come to regret his second marriage Although Molly resents her stepmother, she befriends her new step sister, Cynthia, who is loveable, but worldly and troubling The audiobook chronicles their maturation into womanhood within the confines of the gossiping and watchful society of Hollingford As Molly matures and falls in love she learns to judge people for what they are, not what they seem Through Molly, the social values and changes of early th century England are brought to life in this timeless representation of human relationships The audiobook is than just a nostalgic story of village life, it offers an ironic critique of mid Victorian society Known as her last, longest, and perhaps finest work, it was not quite complete when Gaskell died suddenly inThe last section was written by Frederick Greenwood Narrator Biography Prunella Scales is a classically trained stage actress but is best known for her role as Sybil Fawlty in the BBC comedy Fawlty Towers and for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in A Question of Attributionfor which she was nominated a BAFTA Her film appearances have included Stiff Upper Lips, Howard s End, and WolfShe was awarded the CBE for her services to drama inand the Patricia Rothermere Award for her contributions to British Theatre inMore recent appearances have included the mini series The Shell Seekers, a production of Carrie s War at the Apollo Theatre, Horrid Henry The Movieand a guest appearance in the popular BBC radio comedy Cabin PressureJulian Barnes The Lemon Table and Anne Fine s Charm School are among the many audiobooks Prunella Scales has narrated