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Naxos AudioBooks continues its new series of Great Poets, represented by collections of their most popular poems in one program Although John Keats had a short life, he produced a series of outstanding poems, many of which appeared first in letters to his sister He was largely unappreciated during his lifetime and died in Rome at the age ofMost of hispoems were written in just nine extraordinary months inThis selection contains some of his finest works, including the principal Odes , La Belle Dame Sans Merci , Old Meg , and Much Have I Travelled Listen to great poets, including William Blake, Rudyard Kipling, W B Yeats, and Great Poets of the Romantic Age PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio

8 thoughts on “The Great Poets: John Keats (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: John Keats, Samuel West, Michael Sheen, Naxos AudioBooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    Beautiful reading of Keats, very much enjoyed by my Dad who has impaired vision, and therefore has to rely on audio.

  2. CFive CFive says:

    Keats is Keats and this is a very good recording with no hiss or crackle Both West and Sheen do a very good job as readers, no complaints there Has most of the favorites, the Odes, St Agnes, Old Meg etc some 24 poems in all runs just over the hour.

  3. Stoneslab Helena Knutsson Stoneslab Helena Knutsson says:

    My heroe read in the best of ways

  4. T. Bently T. Bently says:

    This is an intelligently read CD of selected Keats poems including the odes to Melancholy, a Nightingale, a Grecian Urn, Psyche and Autumn Sam West and Michael Sheen both recite the works perfectly.This will appeal to everyone who loves English poetry or is studying Keats for A level though the narrative poems Lamia and Hyperion, which are often anthologised, don t feature here The only slightly strange inclusion is that Simon Russell Beale comes on for a single, short appearance near the end very strange

  5. Enobarbus Enobarbus says:

    There is little magic, delicacy or atmosphere in these anaemic readings One reason is that, for some inexplicable reason, Naxos recruits readers for its poetry recordings who have very limited vocal resources no sense that La Belle Dame is a dialogue poem and, apparently, little sympathy for the works themselves Everything s delivered as if it s prose of a fairly commonplace variety though Sarah Woodward brings all too briefly a touch of animation to St Agnes Eve If you can find the Argo recordings of these works, you will hear what s missing on this disc.Though somewhat mannered, the readings of these poems by Ralph Richardson now available on Old Thundridge Records are wonderfully rhythmic and atmospheric and read with great intelligence.

  6. John Ferngrove John Ferngrove says:

    My tastes in poetry tend to be with the modernists, but Keats is one of the two Romantics for whom I make an exception The other being Hopkins This disk includes the most famous of his short lyric works and one of his longer 26 minutes narrative works, The Eve of St Agnes Beautiful poems, beautifully read, what is not to like Only a tragically cynical iconoclast could award anything other than five stars to this item.As to the medium of poetry by the Audio book, well it has its limitations Quite simply one has no chance to linger I made this purchase wondering if it might be a means of easily learning some new poetry, but I can say now that it doesn t work that way, which is not to say that I have any regret for my purchase This only whets my appetite for the printed words Once I have come to know these works truly well, through reading them at my own pace, then I can imagine that the audio book will be all the pleasurable as a medium through which to settle back with old friends.Actually, I can imagine that the audio book might be, for someone like me, a preferred medium when it comes to the longer narrative stuff like Agnes Eve I can imagine myself losing patience as a reader with the hyperbolic romanticism of this work, which sounds stereotypical to my modern ear, cynical heart that I am On the other hand, I find that the audio book medium allows me to bask in the beautiful language without getting too wrapped up in the plot Having said that, the shorter lyric works are all of the kind that you would wish to have every line burned into memory, and for that the written word is necessary.Also to be said for the audio book medium is that it is hands off, and thus works well in the car Also, unexpectedly, it has proved a very pleasant way to fall asleep O soft emabalmer of the night This is something that my wife and I have enjoyed together, creating a warm but wordless bond, and being conducive to a charming hypnagogia.If you love British poetry at all, that is, poetry that draws on any traditions historically deeper than postmodern multi culturalism, then you will love Keats If you love Keats then acquisition of this CD is a no brainer.

  7. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    Keats constantly amazes one with his inventiveness and his illustrations of the importance of the Imagination in bringing alive our world.

  8. Joe Hart Joe Hart says:

    I discovered Keats and have loved him since about the age of 20 I d only heard him read once before After much begging, a friend I made in London read Welcome Joy Welcome Sorrow This was years ago.I never realized it from reading them alone, but these poem are pompous, shallow, grandiose, paradoxically usually very thin, ridiculous, not at all musical despite Scott Fitzgerald s tears they re terrible Blackwood s and The Quarterly weren t nice, but they were right But About this CD which I snatched up when I found it Keats according to a friend of his read his poems with a heavy sing song accent These readers don t go that far though I wouldn t have objected it they had , but thank god unlike some hideous readings of poems I ve heard there is a clear feel for the meter in them And I would say they are well read, clearly enunciated, easily understood and read of course by Englishmen If you like Keats, I see no reason why you wouldn t enjoy them Unless, like me, your love illusion is completely shattered and you are disenchanted.Three final notes La Belle Dame If you can t tell from the title I can never keep them straight , the version read is knight at arms I prefer and thought I loved wretched wight I believe the wight version is Keats revision and evidently the one he preferred Okay Find it in an anthology Great critics of poetry and Keats who couldn t write a line of poetry if they tried know better than Keats what s good in Keats, and knight at arms is the one almost always anthologized Modern Library prints wight and Random House s collection of poems and letters prints both The English Oxford complete Keats prints knight The Eve Of St Agnes It is done like a play Different readers take different characters voices in the poem The meter is shot Because it is in fact not a play, it s a poem.Finally, when I put this CD on, the first few poems swept over me like a wonderful, beautiful wave The water receded.