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Miami criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck isn t looking for a new client, at least not one who is homeless and in jail for threatening to jump off a bridge But from the moment Jack is called to defend the man, who calls himself Falcon, something is amiss For one thing, Falcon comes up with the , bail in cash Then the body of a brutally murdered woman is found in the trunk of the abandoned car in which he is living Panicked and on the run, Falcon takes Jack s best friend, Theo, as hostage They end up barricaded in a motel room, and Theo isn t the only one at Falcon s mercy Jack has to work with the cops and their crackerjack hostage negotiator to free Theo and the other hostages before Falcon decides he has nothing to lose by killing them all But what Jack doesn t know is that Falcon has a much bigger agenda, and that people behind the scenes will stop at nothing to keep their dangerous secrets Thus unfolds a lightning paced story, as only James Grippando can tell it

11 thoughts on “When Darkness Falls: Jack Swyteck, Book 6 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: James Grippando, Jonathan Davis, HarperAudio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Jodie Carver Jodie Carver says:

    I got part 1 2 as free download months ago and never see the rest go up for free download as I was engrossed in another book.This didn t bother me though as I quite happily paid for the complete download again just so I could finish it off It was well worth the money if you ask me Each chapter left me wondering what will happen next Will look out for from Jack Swyteck.

  2. Barry Dixon Barry Dixon says:

    Good holesome fun with great cops and badguys going at itGood feeling about complex relationships in a violent environment

  3. Librarylady Librarylady says:

    Grippando never fails to keep me entertained.

  4. Apollo Apollo says:

    I m reviewing the 3 part download but since this is the same now gathered into this one book it makes no difference Let me start by saying that this book is worth the price tag Grippando has weaved a marvellous tale here and it is a complex web of intrigue that has resulted.The book starts off at a good pace and this is maintained throughout Nearly all the characters are believable, as is the plot and I am sure we will read stories featuring our protagonist Jack Swyteck who, I believe, makes his d but here alongside some familiar Grippando characters.Each character has a fully formed back story which will encourage you to seek out of this authors books, yet the fact that the previous lives of the characters are not explained and only hinted at does not detract from the story here.I did say nearly all the characters didn t I The reason for this is that Grippando has went the way of so many crime writers of recent times in that he has invented a right hand man RHM for his central character to work off of In essence this RHM is a plot device to enable the hero to achieve things that would normally be outside his capabilities The RHM is always from the wrong side of tracks, you don t wanna mess with him, he has history and has contacts I find the inclusion of this TYPE of character slightly mars the story as it allows the author to take leaps within the tale whilst not bothering too much about the reality of a given situation, e.g the ability to charter a plane to go anywhere, on a whim, amongst others It s a relatively minor gripe but noticeable nonetheless.There were minor proof reading errors across all three episodes of my download and they may have transferred over to this version One that springs to mind is the word service , it came out as ser vice across the collection minor again, in fact really of no consequence.Like I said, if you re swithering about spending the best part of a fiver on this book then don t buy it, you ll like it.

  5. pollyanna pollyanna says:

    I downloaded all 3 parts when they were free, some time ago I kept passing over it when choosing what to read, as it was in 3 parts and that put me off for some reason However once I started it, I found it hard to put down and was reading until 2am, then after I got up the next day,I kept reading until I d finished it I felt exhausted and exhilarated and disappointed that it had finished.Other reviewers have described the story of Falcon and his relationship with his lawyer, Jack, and also the relationship bewtween the mayor s policewoman daughter Alicia and the blind police seargent negotiator Vince.I look forward to reading from this author once I come down from the excitement of reading this one

  6. Donald Mitchell Donald Mitchell says:

    Thrillers present different benefits to readers than mysteries do In a thriller, you need to identify with many of the characters You need to feel like you are in the situation and frequently feel helpless When a thriller works well, your stomach starts to turn queasy and you find your heart beating faster The best thrillers increase the intensity at a rate that leaves you racing to get to the end.A mystery, by comparison, is of an intellectual test Can you figure out who did what, to whom, and why To make mysteries interesting the author will often add an element of a thriller by putting an appealing character in jeopardy near the end.In a thriller, figuring out what s going on makes the tension higher and the story effective In a mystery, figuring out what s going on often pops the balloon of your interest.When Darkness Falls is a thriller Some will figure out the plot s elements much sooner than others But it doesn t matter In either case, the thriller works.Defense attorney Jack Swyteck usually finds himself being bailed out by his friend and former client, Theo In When Darkness Falls, it s up to Jack to do the saving of Theo and that s a bigger challenge.Jack normally takes on three pro bono nonpaying clients a year Homeless suicide threatening Falcon seems like a good candidate for this good deed Jack is surprised when Falcon turns out to have the money for bail and to pay Jack, all in cash Jack just has to go get it But this arrangement soon goes awry when Falcon decides that Jack is a thief Falcon s paranoia extends to wanting to talk to the mayor s daughter, a policewoman, something the mayor doesn t want to have happen An unexpected accident leads to a hostage situation developing How will Jack deal with it The plot is further complicated by blind hostage negotiator Sergeant Vincent Paulo having lost Falcon s trust in the bridge jumping threat To make matters tenser, the sergeant is the former boy friend of the mayor s daughter, Alicia Mendoza For unknown reasons, the mayor wants Paulo in charge of the new negotiation Meanwhile, the SWAT team is honing their charge.Can a bloody charge be avoided What will happen to the hostages It s touch and go I suspect the ending will surprise you.I encourage you to read this early in the day Otherwise, you ll undoubtedly lose sleep.Great work, Mr Grippando

  7. terri terri says:

    Swyteck series are enjoyable

  8. Astrida M Astrida M says:

    Disappointed in this Swyteck book Just didn t have the suspense and spiciness of the previous 5 books Jack seemed lost in this one Maybe he needed a break or a new girlfriend I did enjoy the new character of Vince though I m binge reading the Swyteck series so on to the next adventure

  9. felix1983 felix1983 says:

    I thought that the story was drawn out by the hostage taking and did not contribute to the story line and could should have been done in a different and better was to further the story The original concept was good and the story flowed well until the hostage taking and then everything slowed way down and had no real impact on the story line I have really liked all I have read from Grippando in the past and was a little disappointed in this effort Keep trying Jack Swyteck.

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Drags out a hostage situation entirely to long This followed by dubious parentage and disappearance of 200 k Easy of time.

  11. Ursula Miller Ursula Miller says:

    Very, very boring I had the feeling James Grippando needed to write another book to fulfill contract obligations Consequently, most of it just seems to be page fillers, with a predictable ending.Definitely not one of his best.