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The two reigns both unusually long could scarcely have been different Queen Elizabeth I brought a much needed and appreciated stability to England at a key moment in the history of the nation The steady hand of the Virgin Queen supported by Lord Burleigh, her clear sighted chancellor ushered in a golden age after a time of considerable religious and political upheaval Elizabeth Jenkins offers a personal portrait of a sovereign who was very much a woman, as well as a queen Queen Elizabeth II has, by contrast, been the constitutional monarch par excellence a figurehead guiding the concept of monarchy through difficult times, both national and personal Her reign has seen major changes in the lifestyle and expectations of peoples and nations and she also proved to be a steady, clear personality on the throne Pearson Phillips, in his sympathetic portrait, shows that even when her family has been rocked by scandals, Elizabeth II has maintained a quiet dignity

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  1. Sharon Williamson Sharon Williamson says:

    I read a review about this being a great read and was sadly out of print however a quick scan on and I found a seller fantastic price and great read very please indeed.

  2. anthony george anthony george says:

    Bought for my wife who enjoys reading about the Tudors She say s the book is very informative and although old and out of print it is in a perfectly readable condition.She appreciates the suppliers who save these old books from destruction for others to enjoy years after there is no other way of obtaining them.

  3. joyce spenser joyce spenser says:

    just what l wanted,Great reading

  4. Mrs. T Mrs. T says:

    I thought the wrong CD must have been put inside the CD case I listened to the Queen Elizabeth II discs first and thought it was for children who knew nothing of the Queen It was a series of well known anecdotes and little Anyone with a cursory interest in the Queen would not have learned anything from the CD It was shockingly bad 2 stars are for the CD on Queen Elizabeth I which, although pretty basic, was at least for grown ups.

  5. Russ D Russ D says:

    A wonderful read, worthwhile to the academic scholar and to the armchair reader.Whether you have read none, two or two hundred books about Elizabeth the First, this book will be a useful addition to your book collection Taken from a rather unique persepctive, dispensing with the myths surrounding the enigmatic woman, the book uses a multitude of sources, to paint a vivid picture of the English Queen, so real that it would almost seem she were living, today With its many tales of intrigue woven into what was a most spectacular reign, this book will make you realise exactly how interesting British History can be Full of new and fascinating research though it has been some years since it was published it can even provide useful previously unknown information to even the most fervent of Elizabethan researchers Definitely worth five stars, and an excellent companion to my most recent purchase David Starkey s Elizabeth.

  6. S. Smith S. Smith says:

    A superb book I have just finished reading it it was rarely put down It is written intelligently, and never patronises the reader I had a real sense and understanding of Elizabeth Ms Jenkins does not get caught up in romantic speculation about the whys and wherefores Instead, events, key players etc are implicitly analysised I cannot fault the writing I highly recommend this book, and now intend reading her Elizabeth and Leicester.

  7. Mrs. D. J. Smith Mrs. D. J. Smith says:

    There is nothing really wrong with Elizabeth Jenkins look at the life of Elizabeth I, but as I read on I felt there to be something lacking It then dawned upon me that Jenkins was simply telling the story of Elizabeth s life and not including any sort of analysis For example, she gives us some facts about the death of Amy Robsart, Lady Dudley, and says that many people at the time thought her husband had contrived her death, but she does not analyse the evidence or construct any sort of theory for what might have happened This is only one example, but it makes the book feel rather lightweight and the reader somewhat cheated.

  8. Annie Annie says:

    Elizabeth Jenkins, wrote both fact and fiction and was a genius with either genre.Her portrayal of Elizabeth1 was brilliant I have read other accounts of Elizabeth, but Jenkin s manages to let us see what sort of person she really was through her intensive research.I have new respect for Elizabeth as a result of this book and not than a little admiration.Things were not easy for her during her reign, from plotting to overthrow the English throne from than one quarter, to the constant threat of war against Spain and France.She was highly intelligent with a good splash of common sense and she ruled England well for all the controversy She could be tough but was also a tender and caring woman.For history lovers, you will not be disappointed.

  9. Danae Savitri Danae Savitri says:

    Sadly, this book is out of print but it is than worth hunting it down at second hand dealers This must be the best biography I have ever read about a famous historical figure While I enjoy history, I m not wont to sit up into the wee hours reading it, but I was so engrossed by this one, it was 4am before I knew it Simply excellent.

  10. Carrie Louise Hames Carrie Louise Hames says:

    Just finished reading this again Read it first in 1960 and now all these years later still enjoyed this wonderful biography

  11. SAB SAB says:

    Excellent book service.

  12. Betsy Terry Wheeler Betsy Terry Wheeler says:

    I have read Elizabeth Jenkin s biography of Elizabeth the Great several times I purchased this copy for my niece who loves it In my opinion, this is the definitive biography of a complex woman.

  13. BG BG says:

    Great book and supplied a lot of information on the character of Elizabeth I that other books don t or didn t.


    Fun history All before the Internet

  15. MEMYSELF + I MEMYSELF + I says:

    Elizabeth I is not Great to me, can t think of anything she s done that s so great, however , women love women leaders and, make them better than they really were.,The so called Virgin aspect of her life is truly laughable..Elizabeth was a Bully, Violent, and mentally disturbed just like het father, probably because of all the incest marriages in England that happened for hundreds of yearsI ve read other books realistic about Elizabeth I..