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Duma Key combines the appeal of Cell and Lisey s Story two of Stephen King s most successful novels of all time to take the legendary author to a whole new level Read by John Slattery Duma Key is the engaging, fascinating story of a man who discovers an incredible talent for painting after a freak accident in which he loses an arm He moves to a new life in Duma Key, off Florida s West Coast a deserted strip, part beach, part weed tangled reef, owned by a patroness of the arts whose twin sisters went missing in the s Duma Key is where out of season hurricanes tear lives apart and a powerful undertow lures lost and tormented souls Here, Freemantle is inspired to paint the amazing sunsets But soon the paintings become predictive, even dangerous Freemantle knows the only way forward is to discover what happened to the twin sisters and uncover the secret of the strange old lady who holds the key The story is about friendship, about the bond between a father and his daughter, and about memory, truth and art It is also is a metaphor for the life and inspiration of a writer, and an exploration of the nature, power, and influence of fiction

15 thoughts on “Duma Key (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Stephen King, John Slattery, Hodder Headline Limited: Audible Audiobooks

  1. SCON SCON says:

    I have read almost all of SKs books, and this is one of my favourites, along with the Stand, and the one where aliens come out of people s behinds Anyway, this is a great read, a slow burner, but a page turner at the same time.I get really irritated when people describe the plot in reviews.

  2. alan loveday alan loveday says:

    I have now read of his books than I can remember I have never been disappointed sometimes confused and wondering where the book is going which is not a bad thing as it keeps you wanting to read I particularly like the way the story leads you in to thinking everything is moving forward and everything that s going to happen will lead to something good with no real worries for the leading cast then suddenly Well if you ve ever read any of his books you never know where it might lead and if you think to do there s a twist.Another winner

  3. Rich H Rich H says:

    An interesting concept here from Stephen King, but with a lot of his recent full length books, this seems a lot of reading to trawl through What I mean is there seems to be a lot of repetition and explaining which isn t needed Not his best Recommended if you re a hard core SK fan

  4. Ian Ian says:

    Typical King, engrossing and imaginative from beginning to end Wonderful character development and the story holds from the start Only quibble would be the last minute struggle something of a cliche King s writing style always impresses.

  5. Verna Jarrett Verna Jarrett says:

    My only complaint ever about Stephen King is that his endings are wild extreme, exaggerated and hard to grasp His compulsion to provide the Big Horrific Payoff often undermines the wonderfully paced build up my memory of the raging disappointment at the last third of The Dark Half will never leave me Not so in Duma Key It is a beautifully balanced work, intriguing and crawlingly creepy.

  6. K. Donnelly K. Donnelly says:

    One of Stephen King s best It s a slow build as is usual with a Stephen King book but this allows King to weave a tapestry of setting and characters with true depth.

  7. marketing-sales.co Customer marketing-sales.co Customer says:

    If anyone thinks Stephen King was losing his touch, post 2000 s, they should read this Almost a perfect book Memorable characters, amazing plot No dull moments

  8. james h jones james h jones says:

    Probably the only King novel which has left me a little disappointed A bit formulaic It lacks the old suspension of disbelief factor at which he usually excels Ah well.

  9. Dr. Hartmut Heuermann Dr. Hartmut Heuermann says:

    Duma Key , when viewed in conventional terms, is a ghost story, exhibiting all the familiar motifs of the genre the dead haunting the living, the past catching up with the present, sanity lapsing into madness, the solidity of reality dissolving into nightmare, evil working itself out as a curse, spirits emerging from a world beyond The novel is very elaborate and quite ambitious, but most King aficionados will be disappointed since the maestro overtaxed his crative talents and somehow lost control when stringing out the tale over nearly 800 pages There is too much inconsequential talk, we get too many tedious ruminations and idle speculations, which inevitably diminishes the element of suspense There are sections where the narrative lapses into a lecture course on modern aesthetics as when Edgar Freemantle, the narrator, theorizes on the art of painting , while in other parts we are confronted with the archaism of contagious magic as when art objects come alive and spell death and diaster Here as elsewheree we come away with the realization that King is brilliant when handling 300 to 400 page novels or short stories and novellas but flounders when blowing his works out of proportion and venturing into 800 page epics It is hard to understand why King s editor apparently saw no reason to interfere and set the narrative straight.

  10. dumpty91 dumpty91 says:

    I have read this story years ago in German language, purchased it now for my Kindle in English It s not my fav of Stephen King, but it s not bad at all Again, I like the supporting characters is this also the name for it in novels Wireman and Jack than the main character Starting with new chapters, there are thoughts and advices for painters later you learn who is talking to you and that this is set in the past The scenes with Perse I do not give any spoilers here are very creepy and have a scent of Lovecraft s universe.If you are looking for a well written and suspense horror novel, Duma Key is the right choice.

  11. FeedYourFame FeedYourFame says:

    Duma Key takes a very leisurely approach to storytelling for a supposed horror novel it certainly meanders along with enough descriptive prose for at least three other novels Never has so much amounted to so little Tough going at the best of times, I started it over a year ago and still have not finished three quarters A must read for insomniacs with a high boredom threshold.

  12. Andrea Maier Andrea Maier says:

    After having been really really disappointed with his last works like cell or Lisey s story I was positively surprised that I actually like Duma Key It s an easy read and the story flows without ever losing the reader The only thing missing was the horror part I mean, the last approx 200 pages were supposed to be frightening but somehow the horror never really struck So I gotta say if you re looking for a nice read then buy it if you re looking for some really frightening stuff to read then you should only buy it if you currently happen to live close to the ocean and read at night.

  13. emanuele emanuele says:

    Ho letto quasi tutti i libri di King Questo l avevo un p lasciato da parte non mi convinceva la trama E invece, forse, uno dei migliori di King Personaggi molto belli e umani, soprannaturale reso credibile da una sapiente trama e costruzione insomma ne consiglio vivamente la lettura.

  14. MGD MGD says:

    May not be that good when compared with other great work by King but I still loved it Was a bit scared up till first few days after finishing the book.

  15. Titas Bain Titas Bain says:

    Bought it in cheap price and for that the book was in better condition Value for money