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This novel centres on the friendship of William Beckwith, a young gay aristocrat who leads a life of privilege and promiscuity, and the elderly Lord Nantwich, who is searching for someone to write his biography

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  1. Dorian Gray Dorian Gray says:

    glad to be gay I m glad I read this book and I m not even gay NEVER have I read a book in which EVERYONE is a male , b homosexual and c constantly horny THE W HOLE TIMEreading someone else s sexual fantasies is usually TOTALLY boringI almost never get to the end of straight eroticabut I managed to get to the end of this because between all the bonking there s an interesting story about changing attitudes to homosexuality , obviously neat , original observations about London life one or two rather colourful characters.Martin Amis he ain t but its totally fascinating to hear from men who have no interest at all in womenfor us , that s just weird or to be politically correct far out , man

  2. Janie U Janie U says:

    This author takes a long time to write his novels so there are only a few of them to read I ve read two and enjoyed them both so wanted to go back and read his first, critically acclaimed, novel which was published in the 1980s.From the start I struggled to engage with the main character He is different to me but that shouldn t matter An author should always try to connect with any reader and, here, it seems that the author is using shock tactics to alienate the reader.There was a lot of sex but it is appropriate in the setting of the plot and the characters.The book has beautiful language but there is too much of the laborious process in the author s writing The problem is that it is boring which is difficult to do with such a rich topic The narrative needed pace to keep readers interested.

  3. Ed Ed says:

    Classic just as described by most critics and reviewers.It was an interesting reflection on the background of the 1980 s with its comparatively liberal freedoms in comparison to the fears and aprehension of the pre and post war eras of one of the main characters.Interesting to read in this modern era and serves as a timely reminder of just how hard times were for the protagonists and how viewed within our contemporary experience they accepted the very little relaxation on attitudes even during the 1980s.At times very lovely and also starkly scary reminder of past attitudes

  4. Charlie B Charlie B says:

    I think I can add nothing to the huge plaudits given to this book in the last 30 years The central line of the plot involving Will, the main character, and Lord Nantwich is intriguing and certainly does not follow a predictable path For a straight male the descriptions of gay culture, gay life and gay sex are arousing and draw you firmly into the dynamics between the diversity of the large number of characters A Great Read and many thanks to the author.

  5. thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer says:

    As a straight man I found the subject matter quite interesting but felt that it was a compendium of the author s fantasies I could not imagine anyone in real life behaving and acting as the narrator supposedly did, but that may be due to living in rural England for most of my life I had to force myself to finish reading the book I just wanted to know how things were going to end I could not recommend this book to anyone, there are so many much better books to read.

  6. thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer says:

    Not every character is likeable, in fact very few are, but they re all interesting It s also very honest in that most people, especially attractive, white, rich and young will be ar eholes Like The Line of Beauty this is a collection of things that happen to the characters and explores how they deal with them and develop than it is one ongoing storyline It reminded me of Catcher in the Rye although I enjoyed this much, much Not only is it adult, I enjoyed reading the different types of homosexuals who, although in a different time period and class, all remind me of people I know and even at times myself.

  7. Peter Large Peter Large says:

    This is the best book I have read for a very long time Although the characters are not ones you might meet every day, every one of them is totally alive and convincing Hollinghurst s prose is rather rich, but the atmosphere thereby evoked is gripping, the places described totally believable A gay novel without sex would not be worth reading, I loved the sex scenes that other reviewers here complain about, and indeed they are mild in comparison with erotica porn None of the characters except Phil and possibly James are really likeable, but that does not in any way detract from the story Having finished it, I am currently re reading it carefully and finding treasures and allusions that I missed on my first read I only then realized that there are no female characters in the book except in one scene, where Will talks to his sister Philippa over the phone A totally magnificent novel, well deserving the Somerset Maugham prize.

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Very well written and quite fascinating in parts However, the protagonist, William, comes across as quite obnoxious, hypocritical and lacking in depth he s a hard character to empathise with There is also a bit too much gratuitous sex.