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A RadioBook Club Selection The hero of Hanif Kureishi s debut novel is a dreamy teenager, desperate to escape suburban South London and experience the forbidden fruits which the s seem to offer When the unlikely opportunity of a life in the theatre announces itself, Karim starts to win the sort of attention he has been craving, albeit with some rude and raucous results

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  1. Liam J Madden Liam J Madden says:

    When The Buddha of Suburbia was first released at the beginning of the nineties, it became popular almost immediately I was working and living in London at the time and kept seeing it everywhere I went but never had the time to get it or read a copy Having just gotten round nearly thirty years later to reading it, I am impressed and can only recommend it massively It s enjoyable and kind of shocking in parts, but the writing is excellent as the story is begun through Karim s seventeen years old perspective The book evolves from the suburbs of Kent South London and then progresses through to West Kensington, where I once lived Hanif Kureishi is a brilliant writer and manages to give lovable descriptions of the various characters and relatives in Karim s life and shows them as inspiration for his life It s a unique book and Hanif isn t afraid of using colourful language to get his story across to the reader Essentially it s a really good book which does a lot of good to remind you that London is a unique part of the world and as Karim experiences the big smoke it manages to convey just how broad minded he is and also how positive he remains throughout the story The Buddha of Suburbia is worth a read and shows that after 30 years, it still has the impact of when it first came out in print.

  2. Sue Ellen Sue Ellen says:

    I liked this book very much and, although it is 30 years since it was published, it hasn t lost it s edge.It illustrates well the struggle to be a part of two cultures easier for Kureishi who was born herebut first generation immigrants had a hard time adapting to what must have seemed to some ofthem, an alien culture It still resonates today.

  3. Manto Manto says:

    What a story Difficult to extricate if you are a desi in Inglistan don t believe me Check this out In the suburbs people rarely dreamed of striking out for happiness It was all familiarity and endurance security and safety were the reward of dullness Huh, what do you think Want , here is a bit of a dialogue between an old immigrant Anwer, owner of grocery store and his freshly imported son in law Changez from India, specially brought in as extra help with the shop.Anwer had reclaimed Changez and was patiently explaining to him about the shop, the wholesaler and financial situation Changez stood there looking out of the window and scratching his arse, completely ignoring his father in law, who had no choice but to carry on with his explanation As Anwer was talking Changez turned to him and said, I thought that it would much freezing in England than this Anwer was bewildered, irritated by his non sequitur But I was speaking about the price of vegetables, said Aner What for asked Chagez in bewilderment I am mailny a meat eater The book is filled with many tensions in the immigrant community of Asians in England Between themselves, the Whites, and fresh arrivals like Changez.

  4. Mia Mia says:

    London suburbs of the 70s , a wandering mindless but at times funny rambling tale of a lad growing up in suburbiaPlease spend a moment hitting the like button and make my review worth writing

  5. Mr. A. Northcote-smith Mr. A. Northcote-smith says:

    A great book of its time and I am so pleased I have at last read it If you weren t aware when it was written, read it now and use it as a history lesson, of the best possible sort However, I have been trying to discover who is shown on the cover Anybody got any ideas Please share

  6. avid reader avid reader says:

    I loved this book.It describes the time it is set in perfectly.The reader gets a real feel for the time and the place.It is amusing but not for the prudish.I have now purchased 2 of the authors other books and hope I love them too.

  7. Kimberly Sims Kimberly Sims says:

    Amusing tale of life in south London s suburbia, as experienced by a not entirely Indian family in the late seventies early eighties, told from the point of view of the teenage son Some very interesting observations throughout and an enjoyable read, especially for anyone from this area and time zone The character in the title kind of fades away two thirds in, and the ending is a little lame, possibly allowing for a B.o.S 2 But you couldn t help warming to the characters who were richly observed and even parodied in some cases by the main character, Kalim Style of writing very fluid and easy to read a satisfying book.