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Winner of the British Book Awards, Author of the Year and Book of the Year, Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, Shortlisted for the Audiobook Download of the Year,It is JuneIn a hotel on the Dorset coast, overlooking Chesil Beach, Edward and Florence, just married that morning, are sitting down to dinner in their room Neither is entirely able to suppress anxieties about the wedding night to come On Chesil Beach is another masterwork from Ian McEwan a story about how the entire course of a life can be changed by a gesture not made or a word not spoken This download is unabridged and is read by the author This is the first time Ian has read his own audio and it is a brilliant, authoritative, read The download also features an in depth interview with Ian McEwan about On Chesil Beach He is interviewed by John Mullan, Professor of English at UCL Conosco Ian Mcewan, un autore di cui ho letto quasi tutto e che non sempre mi piace Questo libro, tuttavia, che praticamente non ha trama, scritto in modo magistrale Sottile indagine psicologica dei personaggi , quasi un romanzo di formazione IL romanzo non avrebbe potuto che essere ambientato negli anni pre sessantotto e mi chiedo se un giovane lettore possa capire quel mondo che sparito da decadi Molto bene, comunque per l analisi dei personaggi e il background culturale che emerge dalle sue pagine. I just hope the film is a lot better than the book, but after reading the book I won t rush to see the film I agree with many other readers who found it dull a struggle to complete, it took me ages to read it as I found it a chore needed a lot of self encouragement to pick it up start reading pages in fact I found it so bad that I skipped through many pages. I got to the end of this book and thought so the point is Ian McEwan s writing is that good that it was worth the read just but it wasn t really a story about anything He relies on the characters background for all the filling but the actual story only takes place over a couple of hours He did a similar thing with Saturday but at least there was a climax to the story there even though it s set over only a day I m curious to know how the film of On Chesil Beach turned out but I doubt I ll go and see it. It is 1962, and for Edward and Florence it is the eve of their wedding night Sitting at dinner together at their hotel in Dorset, however, they both struggle silently with their inner anxieties, unable to express their feelings to each other, afraid of the expectations ahead of them As the evening moves on tensions continue to rise, threatening to tear husband and wife apart before their marriage has even begun.This is a well observed and beautifully drawn story, with its multi layered yet minimalist style and elegant prose McEwan writes with thoughtful and sensitive insight, exploring the psychology of the central characters, drawing on their backgrounds and early experiences in the shaping of their makeup The social landscape of the early 60s is well conveyed, but although the social constraints of the time undoubtedly play a part in the struggles the couple face, the story s main themes are relevant to today s society too It is a story that highlights the dangers of repressed emotions and poor communication, of how events and actions misinterpreted as well as pride can have devastating consequences.This is a touching story, but rather sad, its ending carrying too much of a sense of unfulfillment and disappointment for me personally Also McEwan hints at certain darker undertones with regards to FLorence s upbringing, but this is never actually clarified The length and pace of the story were also a little unsatisfying it was too short for a novel, the ending in particular feeling rushed, yet other parts appeared quite stretched out in places.Overall an interesting and unusual read yet not quite as engaging as i had hoped it to be.