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Epic is a mountaineering term that evokes a sense of treacherous disaster The climb that went wrong fighting blinding snowstorms and horrific avalanches days spent tentbound running low on food, water, and oxygen surviving broken bones and shattered spirits This program offers a collection of the most memorable accounts of legend making expeditions to the world s most famous peaks, often in the worst possible conditions

7 thoughts on “Epic: Stories of Survival from the World's Highest Peaks (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Greg Child, David Roberts, Stephen Venables, uncredited, Listen & Live Audio, Inc.: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Marilyn J. Marilyn J. says:

    very well written, a cliffhanger from start to finish, glad it is in my collection of climbing books

  2. csflaverock csflaverock says:

    An excellent book that kept me on the edge of my seat during a weeks holiday on the beach.Lots of different writing styles for a mountaineering book.I would recommend.

  3. fra7299 fra7299 says:

    Epic is a collection of stories and excerpts of longer novels and works of survival from various eras and time periods, from the point of view of well experienced climbers who have tackled some of the highest peaks and in the most dire of situations while on those peaks.Overall, this was sort of a mixed bag with some stories with some very good and others skip worthy My biggest beef was that some of the stories lacked the human or emotional element that might have made the reader feel inclined to see things from the narrator s point of view Others were a tad too technical unless you are a diehard mountaineer, hiker or have personally experienced such a situation There is a glossary in back for climbing mountaineering terms, which was helpful.Here are a few of the ones I felt were pretty compelling, with a few comments Thin Air Encounters in the Himalayas by Greg Child One that was both enjoyable and thrilling Everest Alone at the Summit Stephen Venables Pretty good story of one man s isolated experience and race to get back down from Everest, along the way he experiences hallucinations and extreme dehydration as he struggles to find his way back Savage Arena Joe Tasker This might have been my favorite in the collection, as Tasker details a life and death struggle with two of his companions while trekking K2 s fierceness This was has a human element that many of the other ones lacked Here is a sliver of his experience below, as he contemplates our place in the universe The second avalanche brought home to me how helpless we were, how tiny and insignificant our lives were on this mountain There was no harmony with these forces of nature we were specks in this colossal and uncaring universe The Mountain of My Fear David Roberts This was both compelling and tragic Roberts recalls his experience climbing intimidating Mt Huntington in Alaska Everest The West Bridge Tom Hornbein Offers moment of high intensity Solid story Nanda Devi Eric Shipton Pretty compelling story written from the 1930s and involves India s 25, 645 foot peak Nanda Devi Endurance Shackleton s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Landsing Most readers will be very versed with this story based on its resurgence in media and the recent films and documentaries Great story to finish off this collection, and the final lines of this story are both memorable and haunting.In the end, I think this collection might appeal to the diehard climbers so than the average reader, but these types of stories of survival generally fascinate me, so I m glad I checked them out.

  4. ACH ACH says:

    What are 101 ways to die on the mountain Why do people put their life in danger voluntarily These and other questions may be answered in this collection of stories about dangerous climbs Pity it did not include any stories from women climbers hence the 1 star deduction.

  5. Christina McCann Christina McCann says:

    I have enjoyed all the books in this series of adventureor misadventurestories told by a wide variety of writers, people who were actually there to do the deed and then lived long enough to tell the tale.

  6. T. S. Phillips T. S. Phillips says:

    Clint Willis has created a fascinating series of books with Epic, Climb, High, Wild, Ice, Rough Water, and The War Each of these volumes presents the best literature about their respective subjects in a powerful cohesive manner These books are a quick read, but intricate and spellbinding I have given many of them to friends and family as gifts.

  7. David J. Falletti David J. Falletti says:

    An excellent collection of stories for the armchair mountaineer A great way to preview the writers before finding and reading their other works.