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Assigned to White House duty, Navy commander Dan Lenson battles threats against the president and the nation in this gripping adventure Working with a team to analyze and defeat external threats to US security, Dan must deal with a terrorist plot to smuggle in dirty bomb material using the established drug cartel methods In the meantime, there s an internal threat from disgruntled military elements involving an attempt on the president s life using the football the mysterious suitcase that accompanies the president at all times, containing the codes and protocols to launch a nuclear strike Only Dan can stop a plot that would engineer a coup against the president

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  1. John Richard John Richard says:

    Poyer is among the best war action authors I have ever read, and I ve read most of the best I think His research, technical expertise, and insider knowledge are truly outstanding His characters are well formed and interesting, not simply archetypal tough guys The narrative is always compelling with superb storylines, many great little side stories, and rounded incedental minor characters Deserves to be much widely read in the UK If you enjoy accurate, credible war stories, you will love his Dan Lenson, Tiller Galloway, and American Civil War series.

  2. Chris Valentine Chris Valentine says:

    Commander Dan Lenson takes a political timeout in this excellent ninth book from modern US naval writer David Poyer If you ve read any of the others, you ll find the same gripping pace, as Lenson s frustrations with the administration he is forced to work under bubble to the surface.Shows Clancy a thing or two about how to successfully transition from the pure technothriller Highly recommended.

  3. harry harry says:

    Another great David Poyer, Dan Lenson, thriller Bring them on Dan s innate impatient ntegrity with self serving politicians and civil servants is very credibly displayed throughout He does not let go, however

  4. Roger J. Buffington Roger J. Buffington says:

    In this one, Dan Lenson is assigned to the White House staff This novel is an excellent and insightful look at the inner workings of the White House a seldom glimpsed world of infighting, politics, and power that holds a fascination for many of us In this novel Lenson is serving a President who is a combination of Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton rather obviously and has sworn to downsize the military establishment drastically Elections have consequences Lenson finds out firsthand that politics is deadly than any ship command This all makes for a fascinating novel.Unfortunately, the ending is completely bogus I will leave it there, but I suspect most readers will agree with me RJB.

  5. Thriller Fan Thriller Fan says:

    Much of the action takes place in Washington, DC Our capital is portrayed as a dangerous swamp inhabited by vipers sociopaths from the Italian Borgia family Commander Dan Lenson is plopped into the DC sewer to be a patsy for a presidential assassination Read the book if want to know what s in the weeds of the Rose Garden Expect a fast, tobaggon ride of a read.

  6. Ben G. Clay Ben G. Clay says:

    This series provides the reader with an overview on the workings of the White house and how it functions Along with that you have the story line around Commander Lens on and his working in such a place as a Naval was a good read

  7. says:

    Intricately woven stories sometimes self righteous but that s OK So glad I found this series on to the next one

  8. Bonner '62 Bonner '62 says:

    I read the author s Korea Strait book and decided to try another This one is a train wreck The story skips from post 9 11 terrorism issues to the hero traveling to Bill Clinton s Sarajevo There is no explanation for the time travel the action just shifts I liked Korea Strait became the author is career navy and knew how naval exercises work which gave the book a real feel In this one the hero is working at the White House in a Seven Days in May type scenario It was dull and didn t really show the attention to detail Korea had done I finished but it was a long slog.Korea Strait A Novel Dan Lenson Novels