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Entertaining as well as practical, this is the audiobook for would be golfers and struggling golfers alike, performed by Peter Alliss the voice of golf Peter Alliss has been entertaining huge TV audiences for the BBC and ABC in America for many years In this new anecdotal but thoroughly practical audiobook, Peter Alliss sets out to promote golf as the answer to middle aged discontentment Peter Alliss has no difficulty giving compelling reasons as to why golf is the perfect game for adults breathtaking scenery, fresh air, camaraderie and instant therapy Alliss describes how to go about taking up the game, what equipment is necessary to buy and who to contact for lessons He describes the basic techniques of golf, how to maintain a consistent swing and how to build up self confidence GOLF THE CURE FOR A GRUMPY OLD MAN is aimed at regular golfers whose skills have deteriorated and would be golfers who need the guidance as to which path to follow Alliss is humorous but always helpful and confirms the great game as a really accessible and hugely enjoyable pastime to pursue for both men and women

10 thoughts on “Golf - The Cure for a Grumpy Old Man: It's Never Too Late (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Peter Alliss, Hodder Headline Limited: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Marty Strutt Marty Strutt says:

    A brilliant and very funny read Typical Peter Allissgot to love this man s writing and commentary He makes the game so infectious Arrived in good time and in excellent condition Very happy thank you

  2. Bertie Bertie says:

    Very disappointing book after an interesting start As a great fan of Peter Alliss I was hoping for than lists of facts and figures I didn t bother to finish it.

  3. john in bulgaria john in bulgaria says:

    A super reflective tome that offers enigmatic advice on the curious old game that one never fully understands and continues the urge to seek yet information

  4. W. D. Grey W. D. Grey says:

    A very easy to read little book written by an accomplished golfer with a flair for expressing his golfing knowledge in a most delightful way A lot of golfing tips to be gained as well.Bill

  5. Jan Jan says:

    This book was sent promptly, was good value for money and just what I wanted for a birthday present to myself

  6. Mary Jane Mary Jane says:

    This book is just what you d expect from Mr Alliss Witty, urbane, informative and interesting the text comes across as a conversation with Mr A and it s almost as though he s just dropped in for a cup of tea and a chat before going onto his next broadcasting assignment may he never retire from commentary work If you re looking for a gentle education in the whys and wherefores of golf and how its come to be the way it is today then this is what you re looking for.

  7. W. aaron W. aaron says:

    I returned this audio book, but was never refunded for it I have tried to resolve this by email, but to no avail My review would be that I have been put off using by the lack of response.

  8. Steadman Steadman says:

    Peter saw life as an adventure Very funny tales especially with his early life My only criticism was the book jumped about a bit Was easily to read and kept me interested

  9. David A. Hanson David A. Hanson says:

    great item.many thanks

  10. Mr. Colin Harding-mutter Mr. Colin Harding-mutter says:

    This is a charming book, by a golf guru, who obviously is completely at home with his subject, excellent read.