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The man who invented shock rock tells the amazing and, yeah, shocking story of how he slayed his thirsty demons with a golf club It started one day when Cooper was watching a Star Trek rerun between concerts, bored and drunk on a quart of whiskey a day habit A friend dragged the rocker out of his room and suggested a round of golf Cooper has been a self confessed golf addict ever since Alice Cooper, Golf Monster is Cooper s tell all memoir In it, he talks candidly about his entire life and career, as well as his struggles with alcohol, how he fell in love with the game of golf, how he dried out at a sanitarium back in the late s, and how he put the last nails in his addiction s coffin by getting up daily atam to playholes This is the story of Cooper s life, and also a story about golf He rose from hacker to scratch golfer to serious Pro Am competitor and on to his status today as one of the best celebrity golfers around all while rising through the rock n roll ranks, releasing platinum albums and selling out arenas with his legendary act Alice Cooper, Golf Monster is an unlikely and captivating tale full of wretched excess, life saving redemption, ghoulish eye makeup, power chords, and five irons to the center of the green

10 thoughts on “Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: A Rock 'n' Roller's Life and 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Alice Cooper, Keith, Kent Zimmerman, Alice Cooper, Random House Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Lyndsey Kirkwood Lyndsey Kirkwood says:

    I ve loved Alice Cooper since I was about 11, it was his music that started me onto what has become a great love of rock and heavy metal.I m not a golf fan at all however from reading previous reviews, I knew there would be enough about Alice s actual life to keep me entertained and I was right Although some of the golf speak did go over my head, I still enjoyed his tales on the course.Yes, there s much name dropping but to he honest, if I had met everyone Alice had I d be name dropping as well some of the folk he s been lucky to meet, and some, call good friends, are real legends themselves.If you love golf and you love Alice then this book will be a dream come true I would have loved stories about his life on the road and behind the scenes and less golf but it would be silly of me to expect that of course An actual proper autobiography would be amazing but I doubt that will ever happen so this is the closest you can get.I totally agree with what Alice says about music today I could name a handful of modern bands i.e from the 2000 s, and that goes for even those of the heavy metal and rock genre and not just pop that will have a career even a fraction as long as the likes of Alice As a culture, we ve gone from musical gourmet to fast food.

  2. tigprincess tigprincess says:

    I m not a golf fan Had I been this book may have got 5 stars I didn t need the advice at the end of the book about golf.As an insight into the weird and tumultuous life of Alice Cooper, Rock Legend, its good Especially since Alice pull no punches in describing his life both on and off stage For me it was the nuggets about other great performers that he came across through music or through golf that brought life to the story These nuggets were not a list of great people he d known but each was set in a cameo He and his wife dining with their great friend of Peter Sellars Groucho calling him up at night, Sinatra saying he was OK.I think that golf keeps him honest he s not as good as the champions he admires and takes that lesson into his writing about himself Too many rock stars autobiographies are hagiographies They sell and buy their own self image Alice doesn t Read it and judge for yourself.

  3. C. Morley C. Morley says:

    I m really enjoying this book It s well written and interesting It switches from golf to Alice s life story I m only half way through but am pretty gripped and pick it up whenever I have a spare minute You don t have to be an Alice fan or a golf fan to enjoy this book.

  4. helen morgan helen morgan says:

    Already an Alice Cooper fan but this book showed him on a personal level and I felt I got to really know the man himself So easy and entertaining to read even though I don t play golf myself Will be buying a copy for my 16 year old grandson who plays for Wales for him to read Alice s tips.

  5. The grand bargee The grand bargee says:

    Gift for a serious golfer that brought many a smile to his face Alice is always a good entertainer even away from his band.

  6. G. G. says:

    Absolutely brilliant book Alice comes over as a much broader personality than you initially might think Very readable and enjoyable.

  7. Karma Karma says:

    Excellent convo with the weird and wonderful Mr Cooper Shock rocker, alcoholic, golfaholic and born again Christian he definitely goes against the grain I ve always liked Alice and this book does nothing to change my mind on him A true gentleman and great ambassador for the world of rock n roll.

  8. S S says:

    great read about someone you may not expect to not only love golf but to be rather good at it too, although alice hasn t changed my mind that golf as a spectator sport is on par with international paint drying

  9. Pat Pat says:

    Being a big Alice Cooper fan but not much of a golf fan I was a little mixed on how I would go.Loved the chapters about his life, tours etc etc I wasn t much into the golf thing but as it is Alice s addiction it was quite fun reading about his trials in the game.Hey.it s called Golf Monster so I did expect it I suggest reading this at night while having Million babies album softly cranking

  10. Jenny Jenny says:

    Alice Cooper hat viel zu erz hlen Nun gut die Golfgeschichten muss man m gen oder selbst Golfer sein Aber allein die Geschichten von all den anderen Promis die seinen Weg kreuzten machen das Buch lesenswert Ebenfalls spannend ist das Kapitel in dem Alice erz hlt, wie er wieder zum christlichen Glauben findet und trotzdem weiter Rock n Roll macht Sollten sich alle ngstirnigen Rocker von wegen Satan rules und Christen Heavy Metal is evil zu Herzen nehmen.