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This gripping and triumphant memoir follows a living legend of extreme mountaineering as he makes his assault on history, one , meter summit at a time Foryears, Ed Viesturs pursued climbing s holy grail to stand atop the world s, meter peaks, without the aid of bottled oxygen But No Shortcuts to the Top is as much about the man who would become the first American to achieve that goal as it is about his stunning quest As Viesturs recounts the stories of his most harrowing climbs, he reveals a man torn between the flat, safe world he and his loved ones share and the majestic and deadly places where only he can go A preternaturally cautious climber who once turned backfeet from the top of Everest but who would not shrink from a peak Annapurna known to claim the life of one climber for every two who reached its summit, Viesturs lives by an unyielding motto Reaching the summit is optional Getting down is mandatory It is with this philosophy that he vividly describes fatal errors in judgment made by his fellow climbers, as well as a few of his own close calls and gallant rescues And, for the first time, he details his own pivotal and heroic role in theEverest disaster made famous in Jon Krakauer s Into Thin Air No Shortcuts to the Top is than the first full account of one of the staggering accomplishments of our time it is a portrait of a brave and devoted family man and the beliefs that shaped this most perilous and magnificent pursuit

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  1. D. Elliott D. Elliott says:

    In 2005 after 18 years of Himalayan expeditions Ed Viesturs became the first American to summit all 14 peaks higher than 8,000 metres, accomplishing what he termed Endeavor 8000 sic As a boy he had been inspired to climb big mountains by Maurice Herzog s book on the first ascent of Annapurna a mountain to become his bogey summit his last to be climbed after two failures, yet after success on all others including 6 ascents of Everest On its own the coverage of his Himalayan odyssey is worthy of a 5 star rating, but No Shortcuts to the Top has greater breadth and depth It is Ed Viesturs compelling autobiography, written with assistance from renowned author mountaineer David Roberts and it is the story of a remarkable man.Ed Viesturs was determined to summit all 8,000ers without reliance on oxygen and to do so safely Observance of his own mantra Getting to the top is optional Getting down is mandatory is demonstrated by a willingness to retreat, and to the facts that he was never seriously injured, never needed to be rescued and never lost a partner In the mountains Ed Viesturs approach to risk control is exemplary, and in his writing he avoids romanticising so making him very special in terms of Himalayan climbing and mountaineering literature No Shortcuts to the Top embraces Ed Viesturs childhood, education, vocation, guiding etc and it describes his feelings and reactions with honest explanations of family relations, struggles, emotions etc He does not openly compete with others but he is highly motivated and goal orientated very competitive with himself When writing about mountaineering Ed Viesturs avoids being judgemental but he refers to exploits by others including persona of the 1996 Everest disasters to support his own experiences, and he comments on a wide variety of issues and developments rescues, satellite communications, publicity, filming etc These matters are interesting and informative, and without doubt the Endeavor 8000 achievements described are top class and inspiring In addition to readers recognizing his courage, composure and capabilities, for good measure Ed Viesturs comes across as a personable character, and he strikes a nice balance between understatement and embellishment No Shortcuts to the Top is much than a typical mountaineering book.

  2. Stewart Sanderson Stewart Sanderson says:

    I have read perhaps 10 mountaineering stories this year and for me, this is the best so far Similar in some ways to Into Thin Air but without Ed wasting time appearing to be covering his own tracks as I thought John was.This is about one mans quest to do something that perhaps less than 10 have ever done in our lifetimes Climb all of the worlds 8000m peaks without additional oxygen.Ed tells the story of each climb in a way that kept me reading at every opportunity Like 14 mini stories with a tale of life and love to link them all together Great book Loved it.

  3. Steven Thomas Steven Thomas says:

    This is a cracking autobiography on mountaineering by Ed Viesturs It covers all angles, from discovering his love of climbing early on in life and the struggles and sacrifices that he made to ultimately enable him to follow his passion and conquer the Himalayas It touches on love found and friends tragically lost, described in a very visceral and deeply personal way Above all this book is about climbing for the love of it, which deeply resonates with anyone that can readily make that connection.

  4. GrizzlySteve GrizzlySteve says:

    If you ever want to know what it s like being a struggling mountaineer, worrying about lack of money, stressed about giving up a career you ve worked so hard to achieve and just plain scared, exhausted, grief stricken AND elated by the high mountains, this book is for you.Ed Viesturs, is a mountaineering legend I m not going to list his accomplishments as it would take too long but let s just say, the guy, has been there, done it and bought the t shirt He also comes across as a real nice guy, succeeding through sheer hard work and effort in a world and at a time when professional mountaineers were about as rare as astronauts He also shows that in today s cynical and money driven world, it s possible for a nice guy to reach the top of the tree and stay there The style of writing is excellent and gripping Nothing is too long or gushing, just simply written with a genuine emotion to accompany the deed.Ed, you will ever be an inspiration to me.

  5. Metronomicon Metronomicon says:

    Like his climbing style pragmatic, rational and safe Ed s writing style is very well constructed but lacks a little panache I found myself skimming over the mundane life history sections and felt that some of the passages were directed at individuals rather than the reader, there was than once the sense that Ed was trying to set the record straight or send a message to an individual There are some fantastic anecdotes and descriptions of his climbing career which demonstrate the realities of high altitude mountaineering very effectively but there are quite a few dry patches too Worth a read though.

  6. Mr. Je Hill Mr. Je Hill says:

    I have read a lot of mountaineering books and this has been one of my favourites, the author s personality is evident and he doesn t get too technical for the armchair reader although there is plenty of detail I liked the psychological discussion and also the description of the necessary corporate input I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in mountaineering or other extreme travel.

  7. Martina Martina says:

    I would recommend this book to everyone who likes reading about mountain climbing The author describes his journey to all the 8000ers in interesting way incl expressing his feelings, personal attitutes to climbing and motivation There is virtually no unnecessary chitchat departing from the main subject, i.e climbing Overall, the book provides absorbing account of the feats accomplished by one of the most prominent Himalaya climbers.

  8. Zarla Zarla says:

    Awesome, awe inspiring book Thank you

  9. Diana Sampson Diana Sampson says:

    really enjoying this book as so much detail not only about the climbing and the mountains, but the author s personal life as well the print is a little on the small side, wish it was a little larger, but definitely legible, and recommend this book though not finished it yet, look forward to reading it each night

  10. Roland N Roland N says:

    Livre en anglais L auteur, Ed Viesturs, est un des rares alpinistes avoir r ussi se hisser au sommet des quatorze plus hautes montagnes de la plan te, celles qui culminent plus de huit mille m tres lesdits huit mille m tres tant consid r s comme seuil de la death zone une telle altitude, la rar faction de l oxyg ne et les conditions climatiques souvent extr mes emp chent tout s jour humain prolong L alpiniste devra donc veiller ne pas s y attarder et, si l heure du jour est trop avanc e, renoncer grimper les derniers hectom tres Trop nombreux sont ceux qui, ayant fait taire en eux la voix de la raison, n ont pas choisi de faire demi tour lorsqu il en tait encore temps et ont pay de leur vie leur exc s d optimisme.Ed Viesturs nous relate son exp rience des plus hauts sommets, ses multiples exp ditions himalayennes qui lui ont fait conna tre les victoires, les d faites et aussi la perte de plusieurs amis grimpeurs.Il nous explique comment il a attrap le virus de l alpinisme, notamment au travers de l ouvrage de Maurice Herzog qui raconte, de mani re si poignante, l exp dition fran aise de 1950 et sa douloureuse victoire sur l Annapurna Devenu guide de montagne pendant qu il poursuivait ses tudes de v t rinaire, Ed Viesturs s attaquera bient t aux grands massifs d Asie mais ce n est qu apr s avoir r ussi se hisser au sommet des trois plus hautes montagnes du Monde Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga que son objectif deviendra de r aliser l ascension, sans apport artificiel d oxyg ne, des onze autres plus de huit mille m tres.Grimper, certes, mais en s effor ant de respecter toujours le m me sage principe tablissant qu atteindre le sommet est facultatif, tandis que redescendre sain et sauf est obligatoire plus d une reprise, regret mais avec lucidit , l alpiniste rebroussera chemin, r sistant l envie de pousser vers l objectif parfois tout proche, mais souvent trop loign pour esp rer en redescendre sans encombre.Au fil des pages, le lecteur pourra percevoir chez l auteur un brin d autosatisfaction, parfois d gocentrisme mais comment viter ces cueils, quand les exploits r alis s suscitent une fiert toute l gitime Le lecteur pourra aussi s interroger quant cette folie presque suicidaire incitant des gens grimper en haut d une montagne pour en redescendre ensuite Le c l bre George Mallory, d c d sur les pentes de l Everest en 1924 apr s plusieurs tentatives infructueuses, se disait motiv par l existence m me de cette norme montagne Il ne nous appartient pas de juger, nous qui, tout compte fait, entreprenons d autres choses parfois vaines ou d raisonnables par orgueil et par passion aussi bien que par go sme ou insouciance Derri re un volant, le pied sur l acc l rateur, nous nous comportons parfois, nous aussi, comme si nous en avions assez de vivre.Je recommande donc la lecture de ce beau livre au cheminement parfois d cousu, mais globalement captivant.

  11. Carl T Carl T says:

    Unlike most mountain books, this is about Ed s hurdles getting on mountains and much of the physical and mental aspects He tells his exploits, but I found it motivational and transferable to any of life s obstacles I ve read many of the books that tell of the expedition in great detail and they re great stories No Shortcuts go beyond that for me It is a personal account of the story behind the story, not just about climbing As I say, I actually found it motivational and inspiring I ve giving climbing books to my partner and she has a tough time getting into them This one she enjoyed because it was about then the climb per say To date, its my favorite mountaineering book.

  12. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Very good account of Ed s life journey as climbs to the highest mountains in the world Very descriptive, good minor details.Perfectly explain that hard work and determination can take you to the top of the world, but rightly mention that there is no short to reach there Would suggest this to everyone, even if you are non climber there is so many things to learn.Full marks for the book

  13. Yuvraj Akre Yuvraj Akre says:

    SUperbly written book Nice detailing of every climb Terminologies related to expedition equipments medical problems are explained elaborately I even went for a mountaineering course to experience all the things explained in this book.

  14. Subhanil Chakraborty Subhanil Chakraborty says:

    Written in a different tone than All fourteen eight thousandeers written by Reinhold Messner,started with an adrenaline rush and keeping the interest and adventure thrill intact throughout Ed Viesturs humbly written his memoirs that could transmit his respect and spirit among the readers with ease.About the book, binding is sturdy, paper quality is good and color tone that was used in printing is excellent for reading.