Prime The 65-Storey Treehouse: The Treehouse Books 05 (The Treehouse Series Book 5) (English Edition)Author Andy Griffiths –

My 8 year old son really loves these books He can hardly wait for each one to come out The mixture of text and cartoons makes them really easy to read. TheStorey Treehouse is the fifth book in Andy Griffiths and Terry Dentons wacky treehouse adventures, where the laugh out loud story is told through a combination of text and fantastic cartoon style illustrationsAndy and Terrys amazingStorey Treehouse now has a pet grooming salon, a birthday room where its always your birthday even when its not , a room full of exploding eyeballs, a lollipop shop, a quicksand pit, an ant farm, a time machine and Tree NN ahour a day TV news centre keeping you up to date with all the latest treehouse news, current events and gossip Well, what are you waiting for Come on up My little boy 9 was so excited to get this He has read all of them over and over again They make him giggle and he reads these unprompted which is great Hope its not too long before the next one is out My grandson is loving this series of books. I can t keep my 7 year old going in novels as she is at that stage where she is too young for Potter, Wilson etc and too old for Horrid Henry, Rainbow Fairies and Jeremy Strong She read this without great enthusiasm having also read the first in the series but wasn t keen on buying the other titles just not for her I didn t like it either to be honest maybe suitable for boys Not particularly funny and a pretty easy read that won t stretch the vocabulary into new territory. Great story My 7 year old loves these books He has almost finished the entire series today.