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Gr Cece loses her hearing from spinal meningitis, and takes readers through the arduous journey of learning to lip read and decipher the noise of her hearing aid, with the goal of finding a true friend This warmly and humorously illustrated full color graphic novel set in the suburban s has all the gripping characters and inflated melodrama of late childhood a crush on a neighborhood boy, the bossy friend, the too sensitive to her Deafness friend, and the perfect friend, scared away The characters are all rabbits The antics of her hearing aid connected to a FM unit an amplifier the teacher wears are spectacularly funny When Cece s teacher leaves the FM unit on, Cece hears everything bathroom visits, even teacher lounge improprieties It is her superpower She deems herself El Deafo inspired in part by a bullied Deaf child featured in an Afterschool Special Cece fearlessly fantasizes retaliations Nevertheless, she rejects ASL because it makes visible what she is trying to hide She ventures, Who cares what everyone thinks But she does care She loathes the designation special, and wants to pass for hearing Bell tells it all the joy of removing her hearing aid in summer, the troubles watching the TV when the actor turns his back, and the agony of slumber party chats in the dark Included is an honest and revealing afterword, which addresses the author s early decision not to learn ASL, hermature appreciation for the language, and her adage that, Our differences are our superpowersSara Lissa Paulson, The American Sign Language and English Lower School, New York CityA serious subject treated with warmth and humour Little London magazine Full of warmth, humor, and superpowered strength, El Deafo is an absolute treat Raina Telgemeier, author of Smile Read El Deafo for the giggles, for the challenges, for the universal life experiences, and for the opportunity to be changed, even just a little And for those readers who, like Cece, discover ways to turn the things the world calls weakness into the qualities they own as strengths, make sure to have a couple of capes on hand Matthew C Winner, The Busy Librarian It s an honest and rather sweet tale of a girl coming to terms with her disability, and as such the kind of story that will strike a chord with any child who has felt ostracised or different El Deafo is heartfelt, eye opening, funny and beautifully drawn The Financial Times Inspiring and honest, this is a wonderful graphic novel Book of the Week in We Love This Book and The Bookseller

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