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GrUpNot your typical alphabet board book, this one packs a powerful message both visually as well as verbally Each spread presents a letter and a bit of social commentary urging children to take a stand against war and violence, develop an awareness of our environment, and promote acceptance and equality for all cultures, races, religions, genders, and walks of life For example, A is for Activist Advocate Abolitionist Ally Actively Answering A call to Action Y is for You And Youth Your planet Your rights Your future Your truth Y is for Yes Yes Yes Yes Despite the format, this introduction to social justice is best suited to older children, who will need plenty of explanation and discussion to help them understand issues such as feminism or workers rights Nagara relies upon colorful illustrationsmany representing the energy behind activism with arms and fists raisedlots of alliteration, and rhyming for each letter and idea An ever present black cat hiding or prowling on each letter s page seeks to hold listeners interest as well An unusual offering that may plant the seeds for and spark discussions about activismSusan Shaver, Hemingford Public Schools, NEFinally A sassy and heartwarming board book to teach our children the alphabet of humane values Innosanto Nagara knows that activism begins in the cradle, but to be sustainable, it has to be wide ranging, deep rooted, and based ultimately on a sense of fun and community A is for Activistcovers all this ground with a playful rhyming style that makes you want to turn the pages and read the book over and over againThe illustrations are so colorful, beautifully executed, little works of art in and of themselves What a great book for children of all agesJulia Alvarez,author of A Wedding in Haiti the Story of a Friendshipand How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, and founding member of Border of Lights, an ongoing movement topromote peace and collaboration between Haiti and the Dominican Republic,borderoflightsReading it is almost like reading Howard Zinn s A People s History of the United States, but for two year oldsfull of pictures and rhymes and a little cat to find on every page that will delight the curious toddler and parents alikeOccupy Wall StreetFull of wit, beauty, and fun, we can think of no better way to learn the alphabetNaomi Klein and Avi Lewis, author of The Shock Doctrine filmmakerFun, funny, exquisitely illustrated and brilliantly written with a message that is sure to resonate with kids May a thousand young activists bloom Medea Benjamin, cofounder of Global Exchange and Code PinkI wish this beautiful and inspiring book was around when my daughter was young, but fortunately there were plenty of cool children around today who will devour what Inno is serving up Dan Zanes, maker of st century all ages music and Grammy Award winning album Catch that Train The alliteration and rhymes have the rhythm and fun of standard ABC books, burrowing into little ears and prompting memorization and spontaneous recitationYes MagazineA is for Activist offers an opportunity for parents to explore their values with their children At this time in history we need books for children that use words like justice, ally, freedom, and advocateRona Renner, RN, parent educator, and host of Childhood Matters radio showA is for Activist speaks to the possibilities of change, of proactive parenting, of creating community, and of celebrating our collective histories This book is rad Tomas Moniz, writer editor rad dad zine, a zine on radical parenting