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The book is awesome for it s price.good quality and pictures are ok toostory is narrated in an interesting fashion and also informative for greek mythology finders nice illustration work, great story line and great wordssmithship Good book Who said for children Interesting for adults too Campfire graphics are awesome Always loved of Greek Mythology This was really great Found a few unknown facts The narrative is good and engrossing. In the time of myths and legends His name still echoes through history From his throne high on Mount Olympus, the mighty and powerful Zeus reigned over ancient Greece with his fellow Olympians Feared for his lightning bolt but loved for his compassion for humanity, Zeus ushered in an era of peace and prosperity But Zeus did not always sit upon the throne of the king and his ascension to power was not a title handed over freely Young and ambitious, Zeus claimed power for his own by waging a horrible war that threatened to destroy the entire world And his opposition in this battle for all existence was none other than his own father Come with us on a tale of adventure and excitement as we see the legend of the Storm Lord unfold See how he takes power for himself as he picks up for the first time his infamous sword of storms and leads the rise of the Olympians The adventure awaits good Read Book was in very good condition thanksGowri Vishwanath Good Product Good quality comics style book.