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Their first mistake was to assume he would give up Heracles had it all a beautiful home, a loving family and a reputation as a great soldier Unfortunately, due to his success, he became a victim of jealousy As the result of a vicious plot, Heracles was hypnotised into committing a terrible crime Devastated by his actions, he wandered aimlessly, immersed in depression Finally, he found some solace in the fact that he could atone for his sins by completing ten impossible tasks The creator of these tasks was Eurystheus, Heracles s nemesis, who was constantly angered by his refusal to accept defeat As a man of action, Heracles never complained and never backed down he simply got on with the job at hand Follow Heracles in this action packed graphic novel, as he strives to complete his tasks by battling a giant lion, fighting monstrous birds and tricking someone into carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders