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Thunder the Lion leads the resistance against the invading Zurg forces and seems to be the unbeatable local hero Daisy Mouse wants to join the resistance but Thunder just laughs at her and considers even eating her She pleads with him to let her go for one day she may be able to help him Though, laughing at the idea Thunder lets her go Then the Zurg forces capture Thunder and put him in a impenetrable prison It seems all hope is lost, or is it A very imaginative scifi retelling of Aesop s Lion and the Mouse fable that probably will resonate with modern middle graders than the original It s a very entertaining read Highly recommended to those covering fables, scifi fans, and reluctant readers.Notes on content No language issues or sexual content There s fighting over the planet, but this is kept non graphic. An astonishing and very fun comic book by Benjamin Harper and an awesome artwork by Pedro Rodr guez You really should totally read it. Can a tiny mouse save a mighty lion from alien invaders Thunder the Lion is leading a resistance group to fight the fierce Zurg who occupy Earth Daisy the Mouse rushes to join the cause only to be laughed out by the lion and his soldiers But when Thunder is taken prisoner, it s up to Daisy to rescue him Can Daisy and Thunder team up to drive back the extraterrestrial threat once and for all In this Far Out Fables adventure, Aesop s The Lion and the Mouse receives a playful, modern twist Experience a classic fable like never before in this full color graphic novel retelling for kids