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In , Babe Ruth stepped up to the plate and looked history in the eye With each swing of the bat his towering legacy grew larger Ball after ball sailed into the seats and the race forhome runs was on Join the Bambino as he swings for the fences chasing down one of the greatest baseball records of all time

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  1. Elvin Ortiz Elvin Ortiz says:

    It is an excellent idea to tell the story of one particular achievement in a 32 page text, given the proper biographical and historical background as this American Graphic biography provides for its readers The text gives a short biography on Babe Ruth, explains how he joined the Yankees, mentions some previous accomplishments, and then focuses on Babe Ruth s historical pursuit of breaking his own world record of 59 home runs The narrative is simple, but effective The vocabulary is varied Students have opportunities to learn new words, and they can practice sequence of events, conflict, and relevant details It is also a baseball story of the golden age of Major League Baseball which makes the story attractive to them It has a glossary, index, and two additional segments about Ruth s further achievements and about how baseball was played The artwork is just excellent I am impressed by the fact that these drawings of Babe Ruth really resemble the ral life person although they are done with simplicity The illustrations almost resemble black and white pictures Highle recommended.

  2. Phil and Morgane Phil and Morgane says:

    Our 11 year old loves this whole set He has adhd and dyslexia, and doesn t like to read We ve bought several of these online and from national parks, and he loves them We have to make him turn out his light at night