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The exciting story of two world superpowers racing to land a man on the moon is depicted through compelling comics artwork taking readers through the history of the race and turning the engineers and astronauts involved into vivid and real characters Simultaneous

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  2. Carlos Alvarado Valadez Carlos Alvarado Valadez says:

    En lo personal me gusto mucho el arte y la manera de contar la historia Me parece que da una idea general de como se llevo a cabo la carrera espacial entre la URSS y USA Tarde mas o menos unas 2 horas en leer el libro de una manera detallada y ocasionalmente consultando algunas fuentes.

  3. sarusa sarusa says:

    What did it take to get a man on the moon This book is the fascinating tale of the US Soviet space race The writing is excellent, and the art is perfectly suited for the subject the narrative is literally framed with the launches, failed and successful, on the path to this goal.This is mostly an ensemble cast, but if there s a single star it s the mysterious genius in charge of the Soviet space program The Designer I didn t really know much about him we still don t, in absolute terms, but I sure know a lot now And in fact the USSR most likely would have beaten the US to the Moon if not well I won t spoil the why.While the art may be appropriately clinical, the story is as much human as technical, and the book is a slowly building crescendo to a double page spread that to my surprise actually choked me up a bit I had not to that point realized how pulled into the book I was.Some of Ottaviani s other books are a bit too introspective for me to recommend to just anyone, but this and Bone Sharps I would recommend to anyone of any age.

  4. James Elfers James Elfers says:

    If you grew up during the space age this book will instantly take you back to those days Both the Americans and the Soviets had the right Stuff but the Soviets held the lead and, as this book demonstrates, the USSR s hammer and sickle may very well have been the first to be planted on the moon if not for the sudden death of Russian rocket genius Korolev The illustrations are great When the Russians speak, the occasional letter appears backwards It seems well researched and is well plotted giving proper praise of each triumph whether it be East or West A great read for those who recall the heady days of NASA or those too young to have experienced the race to the moon My only complaint is that it is too short.

  5. Lutz Kockel Lutz Kockel says:

    of the space race It shows the competition of two systems towards the same goal, and does not leave out the setbacks.Central organization vs decentralized approaches, strict vs try to guide public affairs management, system vs personal responsibilities.This is an excellent book It is as much a comparative study of management and economy styles as it is a history of the aera now called the space race.While it emphasizes the american side, it does not look to the soviet side without respect and sympathy.It is among the few books I recommend to gift to others.

  6. Yokai Customs Yokai Customs says:

    I m a real space nut and enjoyed this story It s nice to see other characters in this incredibly important story get their day in the sun toobut it does drag a little bit at times I had a difficult time telling characters apart sometimes as well because of the art style.Over all this is a solid story and any space enthusiast will appreciate it It succeeds in breathing life into the less glamorous side of th space race.

  7. Marc; Real Human; Not A Robot! Marc; Real Human; Not A Robot! says:

    really fun to read fun than hanging out with girls if you ask me.

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    I bought this for my son who loved it and really enjoyed it myself Tons of historical detail and personal stories I learned much about the Soviet side of the space race from this book than from anything else I ve read or seen.Every boy with an interest in space, rocketry, science or engineering should have a copy and so should every school library.

  9. Jouster Jouster says:

    This is an historically and technically accurate, although somewhat simplified, story of the race between the United States and the Soviet Union to land a man on the moon For those who enjoy the Graphic Novel style, I recommend this book.

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    An excellent way to track the Superpowers struggle for domination in space as each launch and development is shown with national iconography This technique underlines the breathtaking rivalry between the USA and the USSR Indeed, this book is a fine example of history told in a graphic form.

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    Arrived in a timely manner and was as described in product description.

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    Bought this book for a young boy who loves all things space and astronauts Flipping through it, I saw a curse word in it so I don t feel good about giving it to him now If he were a teen or tween, I would have, but then, I don t think this graphic novel would appeal as much to an older kid.