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Life in Bogeydom is full of snot, smells, slime, scum and other unspeakable things, and Bogeymen live under the ground revelling in allthe nastiness imaginable Briggs has created a whole new world in this sophisticated cartoon strip picture book for older children which will entice the most reluctant of readers into books

15 thoughts on “Fungus The Bogeyman

  1. Aspidistra Aspidistra says:

    Fungus the Bogeyman is an absolute classic, part surreal and funny field guide, part existential crisis I loved it when I read it as a child and when I realised my husband had never read it, I bought him this copy to fill the yawning gap in his education.He spent a happy couple of hours chuckling over it.

  2. Margaret Hayes Margaret Hayes says:

    I bought this book for my daughter when it came out in the 80s.She had no interest in reading but couldn t put this down in the shop.She learnt to read with this book ,full of giggles most kids love,I bought 2 copies of it this year for my two grandsons aged 7and 8.They absolutely love it.It appeals to kids with all the snot and mess and fun,

  3. KitB KitB says:

    I remember reading this as a child and thinking what a great read it would be for my 7 year old I hadn t opened the front cover for 25 years so it was a suprise that when I did it was fairly different to how I remember The book is full of incredibly descriptive, advanced wording that my daughter really struggled with However learning a whole new bogey language and all that comes with it was fun, and we found there was lots of depth to everything on each page.A really good book, will live in the memory

  4. Lindymac Lindymac says:

    Having bought this for my other half, whom I was shocked to realise had reached the age of 38 without even having heard of it, I couldn t resist a few minutes refreshing my memory of it before wrapping The way the book is written and laid out is very quirky but this doesn t at all make it difficult or annoying to read, that said it is definitely aimed at competent readers I actually snorted tea out my nose reading the earlier review by the parent giving it a poor rating for not being suitable for a 4 year old I remember discovering and loving it at ten but having just looked at it again I m pretty sure it is going to be swiftly claimed by my 7 year old daughter after my other half has read it as it s something I think she ll like, everyone s different.

  5. Maria Maria says:

    Brilliant book I absolutely love the illustrations and quirky style My 7 y o likes it and have seen her giggling when reading it Definitely for avid readers, I d say 7.

  6. Danimalstitcher Danimalstitcher says:

    I know this is a classic, but time does nothing to devalue this I am in my thirties but still don t feel that poring over the pictures in this book is a waste of my time Beautiful illustrations and although the plot line is thin it is a moving take on our modern way of life It is thought provoking Well worth your time and money Don t bother with the 2004 DVD version.

  7. Ed Ed says:

    I loved it when I was a child, and I can still recite the poem from memory.Bought it for my kids, but I keep reading it I should probably let them read it at some point

  8. Afudgie Afudgie says:

    8 year old Found book hard to read and a bit all over the place

  9. Lizzie5050 Lizzie5050 says:

    Bought for my 6 year old grandson after reading reviews Its ok but quite hard to read for him as its in a comic book style, even I do t like the format.

  10. Si Si says:

    Lost my childhood book yonks ago so this was a happy replacement

  11. entrecielos.co Customer entrecielos.co Customer says:

    A real classic, such a great book.

  12. Jozi B. Jozi B. says:

    Its impossible not to love this book We had it when I was a kid and fondly remember looking for him in the woods near our house We were never scared of the bogeyman or the dark The illustrations are, oddly, quite beautiful and the humour is quirky and wonderfully atmospheric A treat for any older child or adults imagination And remember, nothing is permanent but woe fungus

  13. Mc McHenry Mc McHenry says:

    After my son got scared by the advert for the new show on tv I ordered this to show him he was nice and doesn t hurt people He is only 4 so I d say this book is for older children but did the trick with me showing him the pictures and making up some story But I love reading it all myself and brings back my youth when I had it as a child

  14. Col Col says:

    Its a fantastic book for both boys and girls there is so much going on in each picture that you spend ages experiencing Fungus s day, finding new things each time you read it Its a great eurgh book and i am surprised it isnt popular than it is I would suggest 7 12 years of age would be ideal.

  15. Rac Rac says:

    Brought for my daughter as I loved this book as a child its toilet humor really appealed to her The illustrations are wonderful and full of fantastic detail Raymond Briggs has created a wonderful and fantastic world that is so revolting that children are bound to love it