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This cookbook includes , mouth watering, easy to follow, low histamine recipes for soup, pasta, fish, meat, vegetables, desserts and cakes It also provides a simple explanation for how histamine works, together with a comprehensive table of foods that are safe, and those to avoid Although histamine is an essential chemical needed for many important functions in your body, it is possible to have too much of it Excess histamine can cause unpleasant symptoms, often misdiagnosed as allergic reactions You can do nothing about the amount of histamine your body makes, but the good news is, that adjusting your diet is often enough to bring your symptoms under control Dr Janice Joneja, who wrote the foreword to this recipe book, explains the mechanisms of histamine intolerance in her Beginner s Guide to Histamine Intolerance, and Comprehensive Guide to Histamine Intolerance In this companion recipe book, Michelle Berriedale Johnson, who is director of the FreeFrom Food Awards and author of the popular website foodsmatter, has already published over a dozen books of delicious recipes for people on restricted diets For this book, she has createdexciting and simple to make low histamine recipes Using her suggestions, following a low histamine diet becomes a positive pleasure