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The Illustrated Book of Sayings is your introduction to some of the worlds strangest and most wonderful expressions I say introduction because this book would need to be thousands upon thousands of pages long and several volumes after that to include all the curious, magical, and transcendent sayings we use to express ourselves It is a beginning for you and for meThe fifty two proverbs, expressions, and idioms in these pages will perhaps give you new ways of thinking about the world around you hopefully, they will breathe some magnificent life into the everydaycolor the view slightly differently so that you might be able to see the previously unseen Most of these sayings reference the natural world in some waythe landscapes and creatures and vegetables alongside which we have evolvedand this says an awful lot about how we have made sense of things in the past, and how we make sense of things nowwhether the saying is from a Scandinavian language or an African one We cast our line into the blue depths of the languages that we know, hoping to catch the right words, and reel them back into our heads so that we might be able to unfold a situation or happening with understanding and insightThere is a quote that I cannot forget from Brandon Stantons photography project and subsequent book Humans of New York Im learning to becareful with my words Words that seem meaningless at the time can end up having a lot of power Seeds that you didnt even intend to plant can fall off you and start growing in people The imagery that accompanies this quotation has been stuck in my head since I read it, and that handful of words has sat with me, patiently, throughout the creation of this book I can no longer simply think of language in terms of letters and words rather, I think of it as tall plants and tiny seeds and flowering vines that grow slowly but surely around us as we wander through this world trying to learn how we should liveThe sayings in this book are like plants that have, in many cases, been growing for centuries, passed down from one generation to another, grown through one community to another They have helped us to understand ourselves and othersevents that we live through together and the events that we live through alone The expressions you will find between these pages have shaped and been shaped by diverse people and cultures They have given us relief, given us reason to laugh, given us ways to describe both the mundane and the profound minutes from which our lives grow They speak of birds and honey and lakes Dancing bears and broken pots Sponge cake and clouds and radishesThese expressions are ageless, tireless Subject to change but immortalized in memoryAnd they are now yoursA charming little book with delightful illustrationsSan Francisco Chroniclea charming collection of idioms that get lost in translation The kinds of phrases you don t often hear in traditional language lessons, these are the sayings that you learn when immersed in a culture From the bleak to the romantic and straight up weird, each one is explained in words and picturesperfectly outlining the sometimes hard to comprehend conceptsThere are too many favorites to list Cool Hunting Ella Frances Sanders Illustrated Book of Sayingsunlocks phrases that are unusual and delightful to the ears and, through charming illustrations, easy on the eyes Fathom