{download epub} Roget's Thesaurus of Words for Writers: Over 2,300 Emotive, Evocative, Descriptive Synonyms, Antonyms, and Related Terms Every Writer Should KnowAutor David Olsen – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

The ultimate tool for writers Whether you re crafting the next great American novel or pounding away at a last minute blog entry, there will come a time in the process when you struggle to find just the perfect word or phrase Under the time tested banner of Roget s Thesaurus, this collection will quickly become the most essential tool on your desk when you re working on your next piece Far from an ordinary word list, each entry in this book is organized by meaning and offers a list of compelling word choices that relate to the ideas you d like to use It also provides a pronunciation guide, definition, antonyms, synonyms, and a sample sentence for each listing Filled with thousands of unique and compelling words, this book will help you find inspiration, expand your vocabulary, and create one of a kind sentences for any writing assignmentWith Roget s Thesaurus of Words for Writers, you ll set your projects in the right direction and engage your audience one word at a time