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Understand and break your addiction to sugar with David Gillespie s Sweet Poison the bestselling expose about the hidden dangers of sugarDavid Gillespie wasstone overweight, lethargic and desperate to lose weight fast but he d failed every diet out there When he cut sugar out of his diet he immediately started to lose weight and kept it off Now slim and with new reserves of energy, David set out to investigate the connection between sugar, our soaring obesity rates and some of theworrying diseases of the twenty first century He discovered IT S NOT OUR FAULT WE RE FAT Sugar was once such a rare resource that we haven t developed an off switch we can keep eating sugar without feeling full In the space ofyears, we have gone from eating no added sugar tothanpounds a week Eating that much sugar, you would need to runmiles every day of your life to not put on weight Food manufacturers exploit our sugar addiction by lacing it through non sweet products like bread, sauces and cerealsInSweet Poison David Gillespie exposes one of the great health menaces of our time and offers a wealth of practical information on how to quit sugar

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