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Are you keen to experience all the benefits of the GAPS diet but worried about complying with or getting through the challenging introductory stages of the diet This cookbook will make it easy and simple with itsrecipes set out according to the stage you are on so you can just focus on getting through each stage instead of what to eat for each mealAre you searching for a cookbook that specifies exactly what options are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each stage of the introductory stages of the GAPS diet Or have you been surviving off soups and just need somecreative and substantial meal ideas that comply with each stage Author Andre Parker has a very personal understanding of the difficulty of dealing with digestive health issues and following the GAPS diet He knows exactly how tough the introductory stages of the GAPS diet are so he wanted to produce a cookbook that helped people get through the most difficult part of the diet with easy to follow recipes For over six years, Andre Parker was struggling with a long list of digestive health issues when he discovered the GAPS diet, which changed his life forever and completely turned his health aroundHe has gone on to couple his love of cooking with the knowledge and experience he gained on his own GAPS journey to produce this user friendly cookbook,GAPS Intro Diet Cookbook He developed this cookbook for people like him people balancing a busy life with a sensitive digestive system His aim is to make the introductory stages of the GAPS diet simpler and easier to follow, allowing the important reset of Stagestoto be completed and put you on the path to better health His easy to follow, delicious and gut healing recipes, set out by stage and meal type, will soon have you effortlessly negotiating the tricky take off to GAPS success This cookbook will take you through each and every one of the six introductory stages of the GAPS diet with at leastrecipes for each stageIt includesrecipes in total, organized chronologically from Stagethrough to Stageso that you can work your way through the recipes as you work your way through the introductory stages of the GAPS dietEach stage is broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack making it easier to plan your dayThe recipes are made with everyday ingredients simple, delicious dishes that require minimum effort and just a trip to your local grocery store for the ingredientsIt has a clear layout with just one recipe set out on each page with a list of ingredients and easy to follow directionsHelpful extras are included from a glossary of terms to tips on special dietary considerations for specific recipesPS Intro Diet Cookbookis the th book in the highly acclaimedHeal Your Gutcookbook seriesIf you needa cookbook that simplifies everything by setting out the recipes stage by stage, Andre Parker sGAPS Intro Diet Cookbookcould be exactly the boost you need to get you over the hurdles of the introductory stages of the GAPS diet