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This dictionary and thesaurus is simple and effective to use, and has a new centre section for enthusiastic crossword and puzzle solvers

12 thoughts on “Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus

  1. Richard L. King Richard L. King says:

    Laywers are wordsmiths In recent decades the art of legal advocacy has shifted from oral argument and trial presentation to written argument and exposition In the United States lawyers are primarily writers, and lawyers must pay careful attention to usage and meaning This unique dictionary thesaurus is a welcome and very useful addition to the lawyer s toolbox I have been using it extensively in my practice, and I find it to be the handiest reference book I have ever owned Highly recommended.

  2. Shane Beers Shane Beers says:

    During the course of reading a book with words I had neverheard, let alone read, I decided to make a purchase that I should havemade awhile ago, that of a dictionary But I didn t want some plain jane Websters Collegiate, I demanded excellence But, I also did not want to spend much money So I had some research to do I really wanted an Oxford because of its long standing reference status, so I focused on those Of course the 350 9 pages to a page OED was out of the question. so I had to choose a lesser book What I was looking for was extensiveness I wanted multiple pronunciations, origins, synonyms, examples, tenses, obscure words. and I found them all in the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus The book has clear type a MUST in my opinion , a clean layout, an insane amount of words defined, extensive definitions and synonyms Until I purchase the OED one day, I am absolutely sure that this book will serve me well both in college today and in my life in the future END

  3. Stelios Orphanos Stelios Orphanos says:

    I have to second all other three reviews posted earlier about this huge book The Oxford Dictionary its probably the best dictionary out there and i believe that if an individual wants to explore words there s no other way then purchasing this trully exceptional book I had two other dictionaries , but really this tops them all A strong buy recomendation 5 stars is all i am giving simply because there s no 6 star rating or higher.

  4. Stephen Stephen says:

    Over time, many of us have quickly checked an online dictionary for a correct spelling or a brief meaning of a word but that is liking eating a plastic apple when you can have the real thing There is nothing so interesting as delving into a dictionary and finding your eyes moving to other entries I will admit to never having owned an Oxford version before and so decided to correct that This book is huge, heavy and worth every single penny you have to pay for it The print is clear and readable throughout, the content goes further than a simple definition of a word and it is a mine of useful information The paper quality is excellent for a tome of this size and there is no bleed from one page onto the next This is definitely one of the best reference books I have ever owned and, provided you don t have to carry it around from one location to another, this is the dictionary every home needs As for the thesaurus entries, I found them helpful and concise Few people ever need pages of synonyms and to Oxford keeps everything relevant Perfect addition to my I was going to say my home library but it sits near my desk now at all time.

  5. Jo Jo says:

    I would never even contemplate buying any other dictionary and or thesaurus other than the Oxford one.I bought this for my granddaughter to help her with her English literature and English grammar schoolwork.It IS a very large, heavy book, so obviously she doesn t take it to school, but she finds it very useful and helpful for her homework etc.She loves writing poetry and short stories, so the thesaurus is very helpful, and having the two books in one, dictionary and thesaurus is an added bonus.I highly recommend this helpful and informative book.It arrived quickly and was safely packaged.Very good value for money imo.

  6. Jenny Grey Jenny Grey says:

    This is a BIG book, so do be aware that it s really not for someone that wants to be able to carry this around easily For me, it is perfect I am a writer and wanted something that would help me to expand my vocabulary as well as help me with grammar and spelling This is an excellent book for all that It has so many words and definitions in it and I love the fact that the thesaurus is in the same place as the dictionary, making it one place that you look up the word you need Would highly recommend.

  7. nejat nejat says:

    It is very big and really in an excellent condition My children and I are very pleased with the thesaurus dictionary It is brilliant and I cannot say because it is great for its price as well It arrived on time too.Thank you so much.

  8. F-Mac F-Mac says:

    Bought a number of these for an Adult literacy class about 4 years ago and they are still going strong In September they ll be passed on to their latest group of students and they are still in very good condition That ll be the eighth class to use them.Their hard back and large size is probably what saves them as these are not books that will be easy knocked of desks etc so they are perfect for my needs as they stay in the room However if you were to actually carry this about in your bag all day you might struggle I lent some to a few students a couple of years ago and this was their only complaint, they could really have used something smaller and lighter.

  9. JayJay JayJay says:

    Good Buy.Delivery good.Pricewise good.Lots of extra information contained within.Had my previous Collins Thesaurus Dictionary since the 60 sand as it was falling apart tried to replace it but only Oxford was available.Only downsize is the small print, so without my glasses everything is a blur I would recommend this book.


    We ve bought many dictionaries over the last few years with each one hoping to be better than the previous but sadly none were It seemed that whenever my daughter who is now 9 tried to look up a certain word it was never there I purchased this hoping this would be the last dictionary I would have to buy for a long timeand it is It arrived quickly and so far it s got every word in it that we can think of My daughter reads a lot and quite often reads old books with a lot of words in that aren t used very often today which is where she s struggled to find their meaning in other dictionaries This one hasn t failed us yet It s easy to use, the print is large enough to find words easily, even for a 9 year old who used try to get someone else to do it for her Strongly recommended.

  11. tony bullock tony bullock says:

    Brilliant reference book,but a very heavy tomeso strong arms needed.

  12. Ms Marilyn Y Brisley Ms Marilyn Y Brisley says:

    A great help with finding synonyms for solving crosswords and refreshing the brain cells of the older person