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This dictionary does exactly what it says it gives plenty of synonyms for English words, suggesting when they are informal in usage Where it is less strong is on antonyms, usually offering one at the most In this it is less thorough than ths slightly larger Oxford version which also has useful alphabetical marks down the side to make finding a word easier The Penguin gives, for example, under tight fourteen synonyms for the usual sense and its opposite loose , six for miserly with money and the opposite generous , four for the sense of sealed but no antonyms and five for the informal use meaning drunk with the opposite sober My guess is that most people want synonyms but, if that is not your case, I d go for the Oxford. The Penguin Dictionary of English Synonyms and Antonyms is the ideal work of reference for both home and office Anyone who has found themselves stumped for the best and most appropriate word or who wants to avoid repetition whether student or writer, politician or advertiser, after dinner speaker or crossword fanatic will find this easy to use dictionary invaluable on every occasion Useful and easy to use reference, good for quick referrals but you still need a thesaurus in your life Yes you do I live alone and often feel the need to argue with myself so this book is indispensable to me Although sometimes it s dispensable You see, you do need a Thesaurus I bought this to help my kid with the 11 plus prep, its always good to have a hard copy where your kid has to search and find words as comparted to all the online options..It has helped my kid. Good quality item Exactly as described with enough options for primary school needs not if you are writing a book Recommended as it is to show my child how to use books like that and her dad likes old fashioned ways. This is a great family resource I bought this book to help with my poetry writing but my wife took possession of it to write her dissertation The boys also find it very useful one writes short stories, the other writes poetry To avoid conflict over this very useful resource, I ordered for another copy.I recommend this book to anyone who does any kind of writing And that s practically everyone text content is fine Regrettably the quality of stock used for the cover paper is way too flimsy For a book destined for frequent use this is a poor design decision. Very small font size excellent Useful resource for the writing desk.